Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer ends

As Summer winds down the kids head off to school. Ryan is in the middle of his forth week as a first grader. I can't believe he is 7 years old! It blows my mind how fast time flies.

First day of Kindergarten last year

First day of First grade this year

Ryan was not ready to go back to school...Although now that he is there he is having a great time. We have started the 7:00pm bed time so he is usually up and out of bed before we are. He is buying hot lunch at school and riding the bus in the morning. All this shows me how he is growing up. Not to long ago he would cry because we woke him up, cry because he had to take the bus to school and cry when I wanted him to buy hot lunch. We still have our battles (clothes are still an issue) but overall getting up and heading to school is smooth.

Griffin has had his first day of Pre-K at Grace Church. Griffin has always been easier than Ryan when it comes to separation so we don't think this year will be any different. He loves school, loves his friends and his teachers. I am usually at church once every other week for a woman's group we have. Griffin loves that I am there and he feels at home walking into the church and school rooms.

And then there is Zachary. Did I tell you that I have found two gray hairs in the last couple of weeks. Yup, Zachy is giving me gray hair. He is such a little devil...he thinks everything is funny. Luckily he is cute...or I would give him away.

On my end...I have decided to teach Sunday School...I know...How does someone that knows so little about the bible and religion teach it. Well, I am going to be learning right a long with the kids. This something I want and need to do. I think for me and the boys it will be a great opportunity.

On Jonny's end...I hope and pray he finds something. A hobby, friends, a plan for his future. Sometimes I worry that he isn't happy in his life. Not so much me and the boys but his life in general. I would love to share in my love of God and the church and church community but he seems reluctant to give it a try. My feelings are that if he attends some of the church events he may really like the people and have a good time. I am not asking him to believe and love God if he doesn't but that does not mean he can't come to the church outings with us.

In a nut shell (or in our case in the nut house) everyone is growing up, growing spiritually, and growing closer to each other. Some days are better than others but we love each other and would not change anything.