Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer fun

Summer is almost here. The weather has been warm for the most part with a little rain but pretty nice. Griffin is out of school for the summer and Ryan only has four more school days. Like usual I am excited for vacation but I am also preparing for having all the kids home. It is always a challenge to keep the boys busy enough to keep boredom at bay. When they start to get bored they tend to fight, argue and annoy each other.

Some of our plans for the summer include tenting. Which we tried in our yard and it did not go so well. My boys and I ended up in the house in our own beds. I think tenting in our yard is just too convenient to have our beds right there. Our next camping adventure will have to be at a campground.

We have been having pit fires to roast marshmallows and make smores. We all love to have fires. The rain doesn't even stop us!

Hopefully the weather will be nice enough this summer so we can fish, swim, go for wagon rides, bike rides and walks. Maybe we will do some hiking and kayaking. Which will help me in my quest for weight loss. Speaking of weight loss, after two weeks on Weight Watchers I have lost four and a half pounds! Yay me! Although, I seriously think I have lost it all in my chest. My boobs are the only part of me that is shrinking. Oh well that is better than gaining.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A little this and a little that

There isn't really anything major to write about but I just thought I would write about a little bit of everything.

I have been doing great on Weight Watchers. The weight loss is happening slowly (which is good) but more importantly I am learning to become more in-tune with my body. By that I mean only eating when I am hungry, not because I am bored, sad, happy or thirsty. Sounds funny right? To eat when you are really thirsty...Yup, by listening (really hard) to my body I have found I tend to eat when I should be drinking. I drink a lot to begin with but now I am drinking a lot more and eating a lot less. Surprisingly, I am not hungry all that often! Who knew!

This weekend we are having a memorial for my Mom. Which in of itself is sad but it will be nice to have my family all home. When we all come together, even for the saddest of events, we all have a good time. That is how my family is, one fun loving group! I am sure there will be plenty of tears, laughs, food, drink, and who knows maybe some accidental peeing. know who you are!

Our kitchen is torn apart a little. For some strange reason the outlet that our microwave plugs into is not working. It wasn't the fuse or the outlet itself so it must be the wire. I am so afraid of an electrically fire that we have turned off the power to that line which affects a couple of other outlets. The appliances that were plugged into the other outlets are now moved to other counters to make then usable. Ugh, as if my kitchen wasn't messy enough. Oh well.

Griffin's last day of school is today. Ryan's last day is June 15th. We hope to do some camping (in a tent), hiking, swimming, fishing and anything else that strikes our fancy. Ryan and I would like to try kayaking. I think we would have a lot of fun. We just need someone to babysit the other two. Maybe we can tie fishing and kayaking together so we can all be there to give kayaking a try.

I guess that is it for now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weight Watchers

I did it. Did I want to? Not really. Do I need to? For sure! Am I happy about it? No!

It all started when I realized that all my clothes (even the ones that were always too big) were very tight. My knees and back started hurting all the time, too. So on Monday I stepped on the scale and almost passed out. The number that came up was so much more than I have ever been in my life. I never thought in a million years I would weigh this much!

That was it...the moment that pushed me to join Weight Watchers. Their program has worked for me before. Hopefully I will stick with it this time and get to a healthy weight.

Already I hate it. Always thinking before I put a piece of food in my mouth. Always planning ahead and making sure it is not too much. Always feeling hungry (or at least thinking I am).

It is not going to be easy. But I need to do it. I need to be here for the long run...for my kids. Although I am an active person (sometimes). Being this heavy is not good for me. I love my kids more than anything (even myself). So, this is for them. If I feel good about myself in the mean time...that is just an added bonus.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 weeks

Yesterday has been two weeks since my Mom passed away. It is hard to write about because I really don't know where to begin. I have written about my mom here and here. She hadn't been the Mom I knew for a while but she was still the most important woman in my life. Her passing was a sad and terribly hard thing to see but was also a beautiful blessing.

Mom was back in the hospital for pneumonia yet again. At first I couldn't bring myself to go see her. As selfish as this sounds, I did not want to see my mom so sick again. But then on April 12th (my birthday) I just had to go see her. The nurses had given her some medication that made her sleep. My understanding is what they had given her was to help her not struggle to breath so much but it also knocked her out. I spent an hour or more just talking to her, holding her hand and crying. I wanted her to know that it was ok to let go, to go to heaven where she would not be in pain and with her sisters, mom and dad, and my brother Gary.

When I left the hospital I really lost it. No more holding it together. I talked to my sister Gia and really did not know what to say. Was Mom dying? Should she come home? I really didn't have the answers but I knew I was scared.

The next day (Tuesday, April 13th) I talk to Gia in the morning. She had talked to the palliative care nurse who suggested she get home as soon as possible. I then get a sitter and head up to the hospital. Mom was struggling to breath and couldn't stay awake but she was talking and asking for water. Later that day, after talking to the palliative care nurse, we decide to stop the antibiotics and IV fluids and move her to the suite. We knew it was only a matter of days, so we make plans for my other siblings to get up to the hospital the next day to see her. I head home to spend some much needed mental health time with my boys. I think I was gone 2 to 3 hours.

When I get back to the hospital and walk into the suite, I knew it was going to happen sooner. Mom had really declined in those 3 hours. Her breathing had changed and she couldn't wake up. One of the nurses told my sister-in-law that she would be surprised if she made it though the night. Something I already knew.

We take turns sitting with her, holding her hands, rubbing her hair, and telling her its ok to let go, to stop fighting.

My sister Ellen and I are sitting on either side of her. I couldn't leave her side and let go of her hand. The tears flow again and Ellen asks "Is this too hard on you?" I answer through falling tears "Yes". But I couldn't leave. It was too hard but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Right around 8:00 pm her breathing really changes. I can't remember if I said it out loud or just in my head "This is it...she is going!" All the others (Brenda, Ronny, Gia and Kathi) join Ellen and I at her side. The next few minutes she takes her last breaths. After a couple of last gasps, that surprised and scared us, Mom took her last breath and then this peace comes over her. It was the worst moment of my life but also the most blessed moment. I cried out "She's gone!" and break down into a puddle of tears (as did everyone else). At that moment God came and took Moms hand to guide her to heaven. The peace that came over her face was indescribable. It was beautiful.

Through tears and cries we all call loved ones that need to be told. My husband and my niece Kate come right up. We all sit there in the suite and cry, laugh, hold Mom's hand, tell stories, and work on her obituary. I think we spend about 2 hours in there with Mom and each other. We waited until the funeral home came to get her body. Saying goodbye to her at that moment was just as hard as seeing her die. Thank God, Ray was the one to pick her up. We know he took good care of her.

I could write more about the days that follow but this post is as emotionally draining as I can take right now.

Until I see you again in heaven...I love you Mom!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Where did my baby go?!

Where did my baby go?!

One day old

No, I did not lose one of my kids (not today anyway). It is just that Zachy will be turning two on Sunday! I can't not believe that my baby is growing up so fast. He is such a little man now and that fact that his birthday is 2 days away, I am having a really hard day. With the other two boys I was generally ok with them getting older. Believe me, I still teared up on their birthdays but there was hope we would have more babies. Or I was already pregnant with another. But with Zachy really being our is even harder.

Minutes old
Every milestone he achieves makes me so proud and so sad. My baby is not so much a "baby" anymore..."sniff, sniff"

One week old

Being a Mom is so bittersweet! But the best job there is! Love you, my little Zachy! No matter how old you are you will always be my BABY!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We need to get out!

It is Saturday night in the Melen household and what are we doing? Watching Kids Choice Awards! We all laughed and cheered together as our favorites won and booed as others won. It was a great time...the funny thing is...the boys went to bed and Jonny and I stayed up watching it. We are adults laughing and cheering just as much as the kids. Really...I think Jonny and I need an adult night out!

As the words leave my lips (or fingertips), I know I am just all talk. For some reason Jonny and I can't seem to get a night out to ourselves. My niece, Courtney, is more than happy to watch the boys and they go to bed for her. So, that is not really our excuse. What is? I am not sure. I wish I knew, because we both say how much we need and want to go out without the kids but it just never seems to happen. Honestly, I can't remember the last time we were without the boys. It is really sad!

All the "marriage experts" say how important it is to put your spouse first. To make sure you marriage is full filling. Do these people have kids? Do they realize that when we are without our kids we really can't wait to get home and cuddle them? I know it doesn't leave much for our marriage when our kids are grown and out of the house. When it is just the two of us what will we do? Honestly...that time will come so fast that I want to be with my kids as much as possible (some days I will not admit this). Jonny and I will still have a marriage when that time comes...we are just working on it in a different way then the "experts" say we should.

Friday, March 26, 2010


My Little Life

Hop on over to My Little Life to join in on 5 Question Friday.

1. Did you pass your driver's test on the first try?
Why, yes I did!

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Too many to choose from...hmmm...I guess it would be the time that I had some bad stomach issue and did not make it to the bathroom (I can't believe I just posted that)

3. What TV show would you like to be on- Oprah, Biggest Loser, or What Not to Wear?
Definitely What Not to Wear! I need a new wardrobe. And I LOVE Stacey and Clinton.

4. Would you ever get plastic surgery and what kind?
I certainly would! Lets start with liposuction and then tummy tuck and a nose job. Maybe some new boobs or at least put them back where they belong.

5. What are your favorite jeans to wear?
Calvin Kline

Thursday, March 25, 2010








These have been the emotions I have been living with for the past 2 weeks. Why you ask? Well it has been just about 2 weeks since I completely weaned Zachy off the breast. I know he is almost 2 years old and that is just weird to some people (it used to be weird to me) but he was only nursing at nap and bed time. I finally bit the bullet and put an end to it. Why all the different emotions...Well...

Sad because he is growing up to fast.

Nostalgic because I miss him being a baby.

Surprised because it seemed so easy to do.

Happy because bed time is easier.

Relived because it went so well.

Thrilled to have my boobs to myself (and my husband).

Friday, March 12, 2010


As I was reading some of my Facebook friends status update today (the ones from people without children), I started thinking back to my life before having kids. Jonny and I were so carefree, relaxed, easy going and slept well. It was not rare for us to throw some clothes in a bag on Friday evening and head out of town for the weekend or jump on the motorcycle at 7:00pm and head to Lake George (a 45 minute to 1 hour ride) to play mini golf or something as simple as going out to eat or go tanning. Life was easy and required no planning to leave the house for a simple errand or took days to plan for a babysitter so that I could go tanning (which I haven't done in over 3 years). I was feeling a little bit of jealousy, missing those carefree days.

Doesn't he look like an angel here

But then my little guy Zachy in his feety pj's climbs into my arms for some snuggle time. This is my life now. We snuggle, wipe noses, change diapers, wipe tears, shed tears, clean up messes, get sloppy kisses, warm hugs, no sleep, endless planning, few restaurants, and much more thankless, none thrilling sometimes frustrating tasks. As I sit in the chair snuggling Zachy I realize yet again that I am truly blessed and more than happy with where I am in my life and would not have it any other way. Then as the guilt starts creeping in for longing for my past life...I push it away. I have no reason to feel guilty about remembering or missing that part of my life. It was great and wonderful! I can love all the stages of my life and I can less than thrilled with other stages of it. Remembering the past is helpful in shaping my future.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nut Allergy vs Virus

As I was stated in my last blog post, Zachy had so odd hives that we thought was because he had a few almonds. Our middle son Griffin has a peanut allergy so we have been very careful with giving Zachy any nuts but he has been exposed in the past so I did not think much of it. On this day (which was Wed) the boys had a snow day and we were all home. I had bought the Bold Almonds by Blue Diamond and was sharing them will Zachy, knowing we were not going anywhere and I could keep and eye on him for a reaction. Four hours later I put him down for a much needed nap. Shortly after falling asleep he wakes up crying. I ask Jonny to go up and rock him, which he does but doesn't not work. I then go up and take Zachy out if his crib and cuddle with him in our bed. I am rubbing his back and he is just fussy and whiny. Then I notice he is scratching at his thigh. I check it out to find his legs covered in blotchy hives. Being the experienced allergy mom, I immediately grab the Benadryl and give him a dose. Then I give the doctors office a call, mainly because with a nut allergy they need to know and I want to make sure that the hives I was seeing was from the almonds. After speaking with the nurse and her talking with the doctor they tell me to call in the morning and to give him Benadryl every six hours.

The Benadryl did its job, the hives disappear. Come morning they are back though. As soon as the Benadryl is out of his system the hives come back. After calling the doctors for a couple of days so they could have a report on him, they decide to check him out. The final diagnosis is that his virus (cold) that he has been fighting for weeks is causing the hives. The almonds would not be causing the hives for more that 4 days. The doctor tells us to switch to Zyrtec so that Zachy isn't so drowsy. Then to stop the Zyrtec after a week and see what happens and if the hives come back to call them again.
In the meantime we are setting up an appointment with an allergist to have him tested.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sick of all the sickness

The last month or more has been pretty rough with sickness in this house. Between the croup, sniffles, sore throats and fevers we have been a sickly crew. The boys seem to be on the up swing other than Zachy's runny nose and rash (probably due to a nut allergy. more on that later).

Sick Zachy face with a little runny nose.

But it has been my turn again. This time I really think it is strep throat but I am really hoping just a virus. I would hate to have to be on antibiotics. They really don't agree with my body. What amazes me is the look of shock when someone finds out I am sick or asks how I am feeling and I say "like crap!" The response I get is usually something like "I would have never guessed you felt so bad. You have been running around, playing outside, cooking and everything".

the kids and the snowman we built while I was running a 102 fever,
felt like I was swallowing razor blades and had shooting pain in my ear.

Really...what am I suppose to do with a working husband and 3 or more kids. I don't have the option to climb back into bed and sleep it off. And it does me no good to not entertain the kids or they get bored and drive me more nuts. To be honest most of these responses are from people with no kids or who can send their kids to daycare and go back home to bed. Most stay at home moms know what it is like. I am not saying working moms have it easier, because that just opens up a whole new can of worms that I am not willing to get into. I am just saying it is different. I don't have the option of calling in kids don't go anywhere. So, I medicate myself with Motrin and cough drops until I feel sick to my stomach, put a smile on my face and try my best. Sometimes the illness gets the best of me, I get extra cranky and I try to lay down on the couch for a few minutes. But laying on the couch must be an invite for the kids to climb and jump on me. Oh well...the blessings of motherhood.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vacation is coming to an end...

I am sad to say that February vacation is coming to an end. We have had such a great week! The boys fought a little and annoyed each other a lot. But overall it was really fun. The big boys and I went skating a couple of times. They skated at stick and puck and had their regular hockey practices. We went to Playland and played outside with the dog. Jonny got out of work early one day and we went out to lunch all together. For the first time in months going to a restaurant was really great. All three boys behaved and ate really well. Then on Friday, thanks to Courtney being here to watch Zachy, Jonny, Ryan, Griffin and I went to a Castleton College hockey game. What a blast that was! Not only the game but watching the boys, especially Ryan, enjoying the game. Ryan had his nose glued to the glass most of the game and was so excited to be there. Griffin...well he was just Griffin. In his own little world some of the time and really watching the game other times. Although, Griffin did get a little annoying about wanting a big green foam finger. Sometimes that kid just blows my mind. He wouldn't give up begging for the foam finger. Of course I would have just given in but Jonny doesn't, so we listened to Griffin whine about it for a good share of the game. We also cleaned the house this week and today we did a little shopping.
Overall it was a really good week...makes me look forward to another school vacation!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going Well...

So far so good...School Vacations have been know to turn out to be a hard week for us. but so far so good. Monday I took the 3 boys to McDonald's Playland. I is a germ filled dirty place but the boys love it so. And we have our fair share of germs...I don't think a little more with harm.

Yesterday the big boys and I went to stick and puck. Courtney was nice enough to watch Zachy so I was able to take some pictures and videos of these hockey loving boys on the ice. They were on the ice for two hours without coming off to warm up! Not that they need to warm up...they were covered in sweat when the two hours were up.

Here is a video of them with a young boy that helps coach Ryan's beginner hockey team and his little sister. They skated with them all morning...such a nice family.

What is our plan today? I really don't did snow a few inches yesterday, maybe we will stay home and play in the snow.

Monday, February 15, 2010

School Vacation...

The boys are on school vacation for the week. I tend to start out the vacation excited and happy to have them home. But soon enough I am ready for them to be back to school. I have planned a lot of skating this week and other "fun" things but having a 22 month old means plans will not always happen.

We are all recovering from the Croup. It was a nasty one this time. Griffin is in week 3 with the lingering effects of the Croup. Zachy still feels yucky even though his Croupy cough has been gone for a week.

Valentines Day was yesterday. Nothing great and wonderful here. As much as I say that it is not a "holiday" we celebrate because it is really a money maker for the card and candy companies, I still feel bothered by not receiving anything. Then to make the day even harder, Jonny was not feeling well and was really grumpy. As hard as I tried to keep the kids out of his hair, he was still was miserable. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. Maybe there is nothing for me to do.

Anyway, today is another day...we will not dwell on bad days, just try to enjoy this beautiful day that God has given us.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet Griffin

My middle child, Griffin, can be such a sweet and thoughtful little guy. Just when I think that my talking to the boys are just to hear my own voice...Last week during our bedtime prayers, Griffin says to me "Mommy, I really like saying prayers." Oh how that did my heart good! All the nights of saying prayers and not knowing if they are "getting" anything from it, and not knowing if I am having them say prayers just to make myself feel good. He gives me a little ray of words and feelings do get through.

Then just the other night as we are saying our prayers (which I lead and they usually just repeat what I say), Griffin stops me and says "Mommy, can we thank God for the army men?" I just about burst into tears and say "of course! Go ahead Griff you say it". So Griffin in his little boy way says "Thank you God for the army men, and please keep them safe". Oh Man! I just can't believe how sweet and thoughtful he can be. I hugged him extra tight that night and covered him with more kisses just so he didn't see the tears in my eyes. Tears of happiness, love and hope.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Excuse This House

Excuse This House

Some houses try to hide the fact
That children shelter there,
Ours boasts it quite openly,
The signs are everywhere.

For smears are on the windows,
Little smudges are on the doors.
I should apologize, I guess,
For toys strewn on the floor.

But I sat down with my children
And we played and laughed and read.
And if the doorbell doesn't shine,
Their eyes will shine instead.

For when at times I'm forced to choose
The one job or the other,
I'd like to cook and clean and scrub,
But first I'll be a mother.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday was emotionally draining. I spent the better part of the day at the ER with my mom. Not that it was physically demanding, really I was just sitting there, but to see her so old and frail, tired and worn out, it was just another reality that my wonderful mom is passing away.

My sister called to tell me Mom was transferred from the nursing home to the ER. She couldn't make it up there and was worried that they might put her on a ventilator (something my Mom really does not want). Hearing that of course I think that she is very bad off, and I offer to go there to be with Mom and make sure the Drs don't do anything she doesn't want. I get a little teary telling my husband Jonny what is going on but hold it together. All the way to the hospital I am thinking..."this could be it. I could be the one making it possible for my mom to die". From what the nursing home had said my Mom could not breath and her O2 stats were very low. Of course I was not expecting her to be sitting up in the bed talking to the nurses when I walked in the ER room. Happy that she was...yes...relieved...very! They had her on some oxygen and she was doing very well. After the chest x-ray confirmed that it was pneumonia they gave her a diuretic and she started breathing better and her O2 stats went back up without the oxygen.

After sitting there and watching her Stats for about an hour they decide to send her back to the nursing home...Good. Better for her to be there rather than in the hospital. What made me upset was that the EMT's bring her in and place her back in her bed and no nurse is around to make sure she is all set, in need of anything, or even to help the EMT's (who, by the way, are fantastic!). I came in and my poor mom is wrapped up like a mummy in three blankets and looks at me with her weary eyes and says "I really have to pee!" Do you think I could get a nurse to come to her room? Nope! I rang the bell on her bed and then the little old lady next to her kept asking me to bring her to the bathroom. So, I rang her bell...still the both of them are really needing to go to the bathroom. I walk down the hall to the nurses station. Three of them are standing around, chit chatting (about what I am not sure, it could have been a patient). I inform them that 2 ladies have to use the bathroom pretty badly, could we get some help. Instead of one of them coming to help, they look around for a LNA. Is it beneath a RN to bring people to the bathroom?! God I hope they don't think that way, especially working in a nursing home.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Great Sunday

I am the first to admit that Sundays are not my favorite day of the week. For some reason (that we can not figure out and would love your input) my family has a very hard time getting along on Sunday. We are all a little grumpy, lazy, tired and maybe just a little sick of each other. Sundays in this house are know for being a day of disagreements and just generally annoying each other. Today was different and nice. The big boys and I went to Church. It was my turn to teach Church school. The class was a little rambunctious but we made it though what we needed to do. After Church we met some friends at play place for lunch and playing. It is always nice to spend time with other moms and dear friends. While the big boys and I were at play place my wonderful husband did some laundry and put the Zachy to bed. I think Jonny took a little nap also. The boys and I came home while Zachy was sleeping and we were sure treading lightly (knowing it was Sunday and anything can set us off). They wanted to go sledding but as I said I was treading lightly and did not want to upset Jonny by leaving him again with Zachy. But he was very agreeable. Ryan, Griffin and I packed up the car and headed to Church hill. Of course I sat in the car and knitted while watching them sled. We all got what we wanted today...I love relaxing with my knitting needles. Ryan and Griffin love to play with their friends and sled. Jonny got a break from us and some quality time with Zachy. As much as we love each other maybe our family was not made to spend the day at home with each other.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Words to live by...

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;

forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;

be kind anyway.

If you are successful you will win some false friends and true enemies;

succeed anyway.

If you are honest people may cheat you;

be honest anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;

build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;

be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;

do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;

Give the world the best you've got anyway.

You see, in the end, it is between you and God;

it was never between you and them anyway.

Written by Kent Keith and loved by Mother Teresa.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A couple of Chicken Dishes

We all are on the look out for some quick easy and delicious recipes. The last two chicken recipes I made were huge hits with the boys. So, I thought I would share them.

Chicken with French's Onions
I honestly have never used French's Onions before and only have heard of the green bean casserole using them. But my husband wanted the French's Onions and then he heard this recipe on TV (I think he was secretly watching Food Network). So I ran with it...and all the boys loved it.
Chicken Tenders (or chicken breasts cut into strips)
1 beaten egg
2 cups French's Onions (crushed)
-little flour in the crushed onions
roll the chicken in the beaten egg and then in the Onions (press the onions on a little so they stick). Put into a baking dish and in the oven. I did 20 minutes at 375. Make sure you season the chicken with pepper and/or poultry seasoning and/or garlic powder because it can be a little bland with just the onion coating. Really easy and quick...Ryan ate to big helpings and the other two ate without complaining. Meaning it was a hit.

The other chicken dish I made was Chicken breasts in Italian dressing. Which we have had a lot but then I took it a little further.
Chicken Breast marinated in Italian dressing (I am not sure how long...usually when I remember I am making the chicken in the middle of the afternoon and throw it together). Roll in bread crumbs (I buy plain and season them myself but you can used seasoned bread crumbs). Place in a baking dish and bake at 375 until done (again I really don't know how long). When the chicken was almost done I poured tomato sauce (jarred or homemade) over the chicken and topped with fresh mozzarella (not shredded!). Some of the chicken I did not put sauce on because Ryan claims he doesn't like sauce. Just covered it with the mozzarella cheese. Finished baking and done when the cheese is melted and a little browned. Everyone loved it! The chicken without the sauce was just as yummy as the one with the sauce. All the boys ate every last bite.
I know these are not the most creative or original recipes but when my boys clean their plates you know they are good.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"A Cup Of Comfort"

Today I have consciously taken a step to get myself out of this "funk" I have been in. I am not sure why or what started it...maybe my period, the weather, the let down after the holidays...Whatever the reason I really need to take responsibility to make myself feel better. Knitting has a way of making me happy. It must be something about making, producing, creating with my own hands or I just enjoy it. Either way I have started a knitting project and started to feel the clouds lift. While digging around in my yarn basket I see a book that I bought a while back. Back when I was still wavering about my faith this book kept popping up while I was a TJ Maxx. Everywhere I looked a copy of this book was there. So, thinking "Hey, maybe, just maybe this is a sign from God", so I bought the book. It has been a year or more and I haven't even cracked it open to read the introduction. Today I finally started reading it. With each short chapter the clouds are lifting and I truly am feeling better. The book is wisely called "A Cup of Comfort. Book of Prayers". On the front cover it says "Stories and reflections that bring you closer to God". I am not sure if that is really the case with me but to read these stories from ordinary people and their prayers has done my heart and head a world of good. It has been my Cup of Comfort. And has given me a few thoughts to ponder (which I love) and I can't wait until my dear friend Shar comes over so I can share these pondering thoughts with her. We have some of the greatest conversations about the Lord, our faith, and everything that goes with it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some of my favorite Photos from 2009

2009 has come to an end. 2010 is in full swing. I really try not to make any resolutions because I know I won't be able to stick to it so why set myself up for failure. I have been in a little funk lately so to try to come out of it I am looking back at our photos. Here are some of my favorite. Enjoy!

What a great smile!

Ryan being the great big brother.

Zachy loving the kitten.

Ryan and Griffin with Kate.

Me and Griffin

The boy in the box.

Cassie is really the best dog!

And my favorite picture from 2009 is....