Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let me explain...

Let me explain my updated "about me section"

For those of who know me, it is weird to hear me speaking of God, religion and faith. I haven't "found" God as in finding a person, but more like I have found myself believing in a supreme being, more to the story than this, a higher power sort of thing. Most of my life I have never believed any anything other than "this is life". I am not sure if it is because I am getting older, having children or just the time, but I really "believing" in something more. It comforts me in a way I have never been comforted. The reason bad things happen isn't just because life sucks sometimes, but there is a reason beyond my own existence.
As far as "hearing" God. I am not hearing voices (well sometimes, JK HeeHee). I just have a feeling, sense, something I can't really explain, in my life. Never has this happened until recently. I have been pushing it aside for a while, but the last few months I have been listening, feeling, and I have some comfort in it.
I find myself looking forward to going to church on Sunday, and I am loving learning about God, Christ, and everything that goes along with them. I don't expect everyone to find God the way I have, but I just want everyone to look and learn. Maybe there is nothing for you, but what if there is. Only good can come from looking.
Enough of my soap box. Thanks for listening, and if my new found faith is annoying you - just tell me to stop talking about it.


  1. i don't think you should apoolijize for sharing your new found discovery. i think it's awesome and you should totally keep talking, blogging, singing, shouting about it. :)

  2. Dawn,
    I just found your blog site and I've enjoyed reading bits and pieces to get a general feeling for it.
    If you or Jon ever want to "talk God" send me an email or give me a call. Sometimes I have a hard time relating to people who live without recognizing God, but I do enjoy engaging in what you might call spiritual topics of conversations.