Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday blues

Boy is it ever a Monday! It started off pretty good, then within 30 minutes of getting out of the shower the typical Monday reared its ugly head. Becca came and just cried for her mom as she left for work. Then as we are trying to get out the door to meet the bus, Ryan decides he needs something to eat (I can never get him to eat on a normal day). So, not wanting to pass up getting him to eat breakfast I cave in and let him have oreos. I know, not the best thing, sugar and more sugar, but a least he dunked them in milk. LOL We then dash out the door to meet the bus which luckily was running late also. Griffin who always loves to go to school whines that he doesn't want to go today, he wants to stay home with me. He gets over that quickly, but it is just one more whine that I don't want to hear. Jonny is off to get Griffin to preschool. The bus picks up Ryan. Becca, Zachy and I settle in back home for a quiet morning. Wrong - Zachy got up to early so his routine was off, he didn't want his breakfast and wouldn't nurse. Just kind of crying, whining and finally went back to bed. Ryan's teacher calls, he is very upset and crying because he forgot his mittens (or daddy didn't pack them). Normally not a problem for me to run them to school but I was not about to wake Zachy. I let her know I will bring them up as soon as I can. Taking a chance I call Jonny and he is able to bring Ryan his mittens. Jonny reports back that Ryan was still quite upset that as soon as he saw Jonny he started crying all over again. Jonny hugs him and tries to assure him if it happens again we will just bring them up. I just don't know about that boy. He is so sensitive. We can't throw off his routine in the least without throwing him into a funk for the whole day. I hope he shakes it off before he gets home from school.

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