Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Path

As most of you know, I am on the School Broad at Grace Preschool. I just love doing that, it is just a volunteer position, and maybe that is why it is so rewarding. Anyway, the school is in Grace Congregational Church, and we decided to send our boys there, not because we are church goers, but because it is an excellent school. But lately I have been feeling like I need something more. I thought it was that I need a sense of community, but as I have been reading other peoples blogs about religion and faith, I came to realize that maybe I need a little faith. I have been thinking of attending a couple of church services just to see if indeed I that is what I am missing. While all this was going on in my brain, I haven't really told anyone, my oldest son Ryan ask me "who is God and what is heaven? What happens when people die?" Those were hard question for me to answer, I can give him the science of what happens to people when they die but the questions of God and Heaven was really hard for me. Maybe it was a sign for me that we as a family need to gain so insight into religion. Last night at the board meeting in the church I talked a little to Rev. Tracy and a couple of the other women that are very active in the church. I also talked with another mom that is going though the same situation that I am. Which brings me to the decision to attend a couple of church services and have the boys go to the church school at that time. It couldn't hurt and the community that I have also been craving would be fulfilled with a wonderful group from the church. What better people to feel connected to. I also was invited to come to the woman's group that meets ever other week. I think I will go to that meeting also. I need to learn more about God, Jesus and all that. I really feel for the first time in my life, that I am missing out on having that faith and belief.

Here is Griffin at school singing holiday songs.

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