Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jazz Sunday

Today was the first time I took the boys to a church service. To be honest this is the first time I have gone to a church service at "our" church and it has many many years since I have been to any sort of church service. What a Sunday to go to was just wonderful. Grace Congregational had a Jazz Sunday, which means they had a wonderful Jazz band playing in the Sanctuary. The Onion River Jazz band was just amazing. The boys (and myself) were just enthralled and uplifted by the music they were playing. Ryan loved the tuba, and Griffin loved every bit of it.
As most of you know, I am not one to go to church and pray. But I have been feeling like I need some sort of spirituality. Which is why we went today. The sermon by Rev. Tracy really hit home for me. I could really relate to what she had to say. It wasn't just reading out of the bible, she spoke about now and the how we live today. That really helped me stay attentive. I really had a lot to take out of her sermon. The whole service was inspiring to me. I really felt a connection to what was said and what hymns were sung. I apparently really needed this. And for the past few weeks I think I have been gently pushed towards God. I have never felt this way and for those of you who know me, probably never thought you would hear me say this. But the last couple of weeks there has been all these "signs" that led me towards God. The topper was Brad's death. I really felt the need to attend church and really have a connection to God. The boys did really well at church. I packed a bag of trucks, crayons, books, and cheerios so the had something to do. I was really hoping they would go to the Sunday school class, but they wanted to stay with me. Maybe next week they will go to the class.
Tomorrow is "Not Me! Monday". I can't wait to read all the things people did (didn't) do this week, it is so nice to see we are all human.

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  1. Church can be really uplifting. The sermons are generally related in "now" terms. When Jeff and I go, we truly enjoy singing and praying. I often find that I get teary eyed and actually feel "it" in my heart. Good for you and the boys. Let the boys know that the band is not always there, but there is always music and singing. Just the words will make a difference.