Monday, January 26, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

It is Monday already. I have a list a mile long for our weekly "Not Me!" Monday post. MckMama has started this wonderful posting that we all admit to (I mean not admit to) our flaws/mistakes/bad decisions for the week. If you would like to join in the fun click on over to Mckmama at my charming kids and join the list.

So here we go.....

My husband did not drive 4 hour round trip just to buy a Wii. Because our small town has been out of Wii's since before Christmas. We would never to something so silly. Not us!!
Then we would never stay up way to late playing the Wii, laughing at our selves until we almost wet our pants. Nope, Not Me!
I didn't rip the seam of my black dress pants right on the butt, at a funeral, while squatting down to smell some flowers. Not me, that would never happen! Nor would I start to laugh because of it. I was at a funeral, that would be rude!!
My perfect little angel baby Zachy did not have a leaky poop diaper. And I would never ask my 6 year old to go get him out of his crib. Which then said leaky diaper did not leak on my 6 year old's hand and arm, leading him to set Zachy down on the carpet. When he did not scoot across the carpet leaving a 2 foot line of poop on our carpet. Not our perfect children. I did not laugh when seeing the mess, what kind of classy woman would do that. It was Not Me that laughed at my 6 year old for poop on his arm. Not me, that would not be a nice mommy. HeeHee!
It was Not Me that forgot to pack Ryan's library book. I do not forget things, Not Me.
I did not lie to my kids that their cousins were napping so I didn't have to take them sledding. It was way to cold!
I am not extremely jealous of Mckmama being on a cruise right now, or jealous that a friend of mine has tickets to Red Sox games once a month for the whole season, not jealous of my niece following her dream and starting school again. Not me I am not the jealous type. But if I was jealous it with the utmost happiness for them.
I would never do anything of those things, Not Me! And I would never admit to them. Haha
What did you Not do this week. Join the fun over at Mckmama's or just read everyone elses list, it will give you lots of laughes.


  1. I would always be jealous of Red Sox tickets!! It is so darn expensive to get tickets to any of their games. Oh, and I would so laugh if I split my pants, no matter where I was!!

  2. I can't believe you were able to laugh at the poop scenario! You are a better mom than me. I'd be an anxious mess. Maybe I'll lighten up as my kids get older. :)

    I would drive hours for the Wii! It's too fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always nice to hear from other Mom's of all boys! :)

  3. Doesn't poop always led to great Not Me Monday posts! Great list.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy Not Me Monday!

  4. Poop always makes for great stories.

    Love your list!

  5. Oh you had me laughing so hard when you said he scooted across the floor. Oh that's funny! Great Not Me's!

  6. Ok, I just learned this and its kind of neat. Remember you have to do it in the edit HTML tab and then you can click back over to the compose tab and see your end result. Here is a link that I found that will probably explain it If you have any questions just let me know.