Saturday, January 3, 2009

Play dates

It is funny how calm everything seems after having play dates. Today we had a friend for Ryan and a friend for Griffin come over. They all were very good and for the most part everyone got along great. Now the friends are gone and it is very quiet. We have a lot of fun with friends over, and I don't have to entertain all day. My boys have a hard time staying by themselves at a friends house. I am not sure if I did something wrong, maybe a little attachment issue I have caused. They are more than happy to have friends here, and get a little sad when it is stated that they are going to the friends house. Ryan has gotten better but Griffin just is not up to it. They love going to family members houses, but anywhere else it becomes and issue.

As I sit here a look at them, the look like little angels. They are sleepy from playing nonstop with their friends. Quietly watching Cailou. Just as sweet as can be!!

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