Tuesday, January 13, 2009


***Correction*** Our Tuesday morning. That is what happens to moms, their brains turn to mush....

We are off to a great start to our Thursday morning...Baby Zachy did not sleep well last night, Griffin came into our bed at 2 ish and Ryan can in around 5am. Apparently I was not meant to get any sleep last night. And I should have known better but I stayed up past 11pm waiting for Jonny to come home.
When my alarm went off this morning I was not happy. The snooze button is too handy, Jonny ended up having to drag me out of bed. I showered and made it down stairs before Becca (the little girl I take care of) arrived. After Jonny left to bring Ryan to the bus stop, I went to the potty. Apparently it was bad timing. Griffin yells to me "Mommy, I need you!", my heart almost stops, I jump up and run out of the bathroom with my pants down around my knees. As I am trying to pull my pants up, I can't find Griffin. "Where are you?" I yell. "In Daddy's room" (which is our computer room). I stumble in the computer room, thinking the computer will be on the floor, or Griffin has cut his finger with my craft scissors, but nope. Griffin is sitting at Jonny's desk with a marker and paper, he looks up at me with his professor look though his glasses and says "I need your help drawing a man jumping into the pool I made". What! Seriously! All I could do is laugh and draw his man jumping into the pool. Shaking my head and laughing to myself I go back into the bathroom.

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  1. Haha, too funny - that pool needed a jumping man ASAP! Also, probably the reason you are off to a great start to Thursday morning is because today is Tuesday, so you guys are way ahead of the game.