Monday, January 12, 2009

Waiting Patiently

This is my niece, Kate, holding angel baby Zachy the day he was born. She has always been there for me and right now I am sitting here waiting so very patiently for her to update her blog. Today was her first day at Culinary school. I am so excited for her! I do miss her being at PCT, she would have time to email throughout the day. Now she is at school or her new job with no time for emails. I hope she blogs tonight or I will have to give her a call.

As for our Monday: It was hard. Something is up with my angel baby, Zachy. He has cried all day, which is not like him. He is usually a very happy little guy, but today he wasn't sure what he wanted and nothing made him happy. Right now I am listening to him cry over the monitor, because he is really having a hard time falling asleep. He had little naps today, one of which was on Daddy. That was the only way he would sleep, somebody would have to be holding him. I was happy that Jonny took the time to hold him, and rock him while he slept. Jonny usually isn't home or too busy to hold the baby for any length of time. I guess that is the price we have to pay to have me home full time, without working.

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