Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Great Sunday

I am the first to admit that Sundays are not my favorite day of the week. For some reason (that we can not figure out and would love your input) my family has a very hard time getting along on Sunday. We are all a little grumpy, lazy, tired and maybe just a little sick of each other. Sundays in this house are know for being a day of disagreements and just generally annoying each other. Today was different and nice. The big boys and I went to Church. It was my turn to teach Church school. The class was a little rambunctious but we made it though what we needed to do. After Church we met some friends at play place for lunch and playing. It is always nice to spend time with other moms and dear friends. While the big boys and I were at play place my wonderful husband did some laundry and put the Zachy to bed. I think Jonny took a little nap also. The boys and I came home while Zachy was sleeping and we were sure treading lightly (knowing it was Sunday and anything can set us off). They wanted to go sledding but as I said I was treading lightly and did not want to upset Jonny by leaving him again with Zachy. But he was very agreeable. Ryan, Griffin and I packed up the car and headed to Church hill. Of course I sat in the car and knitted while watching them sled. We all got what we wanted today...I love relaxing with my knitting needles. Ryan and Griffin love to play with their friends and sled. Jonny got a break from us and some quality time with Zachy. As much as we love each other maybe our family was not made to spend the day at home with each other.

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