Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going Well...

So far so good...School Vacations have been know to turn out to be a hard week for us. but so far so good. Monday I took the 3 boys to McDonald's Playland. I is a germ filled dirty place but the boys love it so. And we have our fair share of germs...I don't think a little more with harm.

Yesterday the big boys and I went to stick and puck. Courtney was nice enough to watch Zachy so I was able to take some pictures and videos of these hockey loving boys on the ice. They were on the ice for two hours without coming off to warm up! Not that they need to warm up...they were covered in sweat when the two hours were up.

Here is a video of them with a young boy that helps coach Ryan's beginner hockey team and his little sister. They skated with them all morning...such a nice family.

What is our plan today? I really don't did snow a few inches yesterday, maybe we will stay home and play in the snow.

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