Monday, February 15, 2010

School Vacation...

The boys are on school vacation for the week. I tend to start out the vacation excited and happy to have them home. But soon enough I am ready for them to be back to school. I have planned a lot of skating this week and other "fun" things but having a 22 month old means plans will not always happen.

We are all recovering from the Croup. It was a nasty one this time. Griffin is in week 3 with the lingering effects of the Croup. Zachy still feels yucky even though his Croupy cough has been gone for a week.

Valentines Day was yesterday. Nothing great and wonderful here. As much as I say that it is not a "holiday" we celebrate because it is really a money maker for the card and candy companies, I still feel bothered by not receiving anything. Then to make the day even harder, Jonny was not feeling well and was really grumpy. As hard as I tried to keep the kids out of his hair, he was still was miserable. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. Maybe there is nothing for me to do.

Anyway, today is another day...we will not dwell on bad days, just try to enjoy this beautiful day that God has given us.

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