Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vacation is coming to an end...

I am sad to say that February vacation is coming to an end. We have had such a great week! The boys fought a little and annoyed each other a lot. But overall it was really fun. The big boys and I went skating a couple of times. They skated at stick and puck and had their regular hockey practices. We went to Playland and played outside with the dog. Jonny got out of work early one day and we went out to lunch all together. For the first time in months going to a restaurant was really great. All three boys behaved and ate really well. Then on Friday, thanks to Courtney being here to watch Zachy, Jonny, Ryan, Griffin and I went to a Castleton College hockey game. What a blast that was! Not only the game but watching the boys, especially Ryan, enjoying the game. Ryan had his nose glued to the glass most of the game and was so excited to be there. Griffin...well he was just Griffin. In his own little world some of the time and really watching the game other times. Although, Griffin did get a little annoying about wanting a big green foam finger. Sometimes that kid just blows my mind. He wouldn't give up begging for the foam finger. Of course I would have just given in but Jonny doesn't, so we listened to Griffin whine about it for a good share of the game. We also cleaned the house this week and today we did a little shopping.
Overall it was a really good week...makes me look forward to another school vacation!

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