Thursday, May 27, 2010

A little this and a little that

There isn't really anything major to write about but I just thought I would write about a little bit of everything.

I have been doing great on Weight Watchers. The weight loss is happening slowly (which is good) but more importantly I am learning to become more in-tune with my body. By that I mean only eating when I am hungry, not because I am bored, sad, happy or thirsty. Sounds funny right? To eat when you are really thirsty...Yup, by listening (really hard) to my body I have found I tend to eat when I should be drinking. I drink a lot to begin with but now I am drinking a lot more and eating a lot less. Surprisingly, I am not hungry all that often! Who knew!

This weekend we are having a memorial for my Mom. Which in of itself is sad but it will be nice to have my family all home. When we all come together, even for the saddest of events, we all have a good time. That is how my family is, one fun loving group! I am sure there will be plenty of tears, laughs, food, drink, and who knows maybe some accidental peeing. know who you are!

Our kitchen is torn apart a little. For some strange reason the outlet that our microwave plugs into is not working. It wasn't the fuse or the outlet itself so it must be the wire. I am so afraid of an electrically fire that we have turned off the power to that line which affects a couple of other outlets. The appliances that were plugged into the other outlets are now moved to other counters to make then usable. Ugh, as if my kitchen wasn't messy enough. Oh well.

Griffin's last day of school is today. Ryan's last day is June 15th. We hope to do some camping (in a tent), hiking, swimming, fishing and anything else that strikes our fancy. Ryan and I would like to try kayaking. I think we would have a lot of fun. We just need someone to babysit the other two. Maybe we can tie fishing and kayaking together so we can all be there to give kayaking a try.

I guess that is it for now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weight Watchers

I did it. Did I want to? Not really. Do I need to? For sure! Am I happy about it? No!

It all started when I realized that all my clothes (even the ones that were always too big) were very tight. My knees and back started hurting all the time, too. So on Monday I stepped on the scale and almost passed out. The number that came up was so much more than I have ever been in my life. I never thought in a million years I would weigh this much!

That was it...the moment that pushed me to join Weight Watchers. Their program has worked for me before. Hopefully I will stick with it this time and get to a healthy weight.

Already I hate it. Always thinking before I put a piece of food in my mouth. Always planning ahead and making sure it is not too much. Always feeling hungry (or at least thinking I am).

It is not going to be easy. But I need to do it. I need to be here for the long run...for my kids. Although I am an active person (sometimes). Being this heavy is not good for me. I love my kids more than anything (even myself). So, this is for them. If I feel good about myself in the mean time...that is just an added bonus.