Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holidays and Horrible days

I do love the holidays. The music, the lights, the excitement...but then some of these days turn just horrible. Really, I have been having a hard time at home with my kids and husband. Most days, one if not more of us are so miserable it turns the whole family into grumpy Guss'. Understandably, the kids get over stimulated, Jonny is on edge because of money and I just am a miserable person (apparently). Some people feel that way about me. I usually feel like I am a good natured person...

On to other news...The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. Ryan needed a little help with reading and spelling so he has been in a tutoring program at his school. It seems to have helped but his teacher would like him to do one more session. I am torn about it...He is at school from 9 am to 4:30 pm on the days he has Academy (M, T, W). I notice the on Wednesday he is a little grumpy and worn out. Is that worth it if it is getting the help he needs so that he doesn't struggle in school...Probably. Ryan has also been having a really hard time with not getting his own way and everything being "unfair" to him. I am not sure where this is all coming from but I will keep working on it with him.
Griffin is just Griffin. He loves school, his friends, and his trucks. Griffin has this love of trucks that I have never seen before. He will sit at the table and drive his little trucks around, loading and unloading for hours. He has his little quirks...he whines all the time and is very sensitive about being physically hurt and getting his feeling hurt. But overall he just goes with the flow.
Zachy of course is still the little devil. I swear he has horns growing. He can be sweet and funny and loving, but then will turn around and do something that he knows is wrong. He does naughty stuff all day long. From getting into the dog food or toilet to climbing on the table and pushing every button in our house. He is also going through this temper tantrum stage. When he gets mad he will throw himself on the floor and/or bang his head on anything near him. We have started using time outs which work for now.

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