Monday, November 17, 2008

First Snow, Thankful Nights

I was so happy to wake up today to see some snow! That is November in Vermont, one day it is almost 60 degrees and we are wearing T-shirts the next day there is snow on the ground. I just love it. Snow also helped get the boys out of bed this morning. What little boy doesn't love snow? Ryan jumped up to look out the window, he never jumps out of bed.

Last night:
As I lay in bed last night listening to the baby monitor I was thanking God for our little guy Zachy. He wasn't a planned pregnancy (far from it) but honestly he was the most wanted. My husband Jonny decided for us that we were not having any more children after Griffin. I agreed with him because sometimes life is just easier if we agree with him. But a couple of years later, life had a different plan for us. After the initial shock, I was more than thrilled. Who wouldn't be thrilled with a little baby?! And just so happy that the choice was taken out of our hands. We didn't have to agree or disagree, there was no discussion. He was just on his way. I have to tell you, having a third baby and knowing that it was our last, I was able to truly enjoy everything. When you are a new first time mom, you really don't know how to enjoy it all. You just don't know what to look for. With our second child I was just so tired all the time to think about relishing in the fact I have another baby. Our third is just a blessing in every way. Knowing that he was our last made me just enjoy every little thing. It also helps that Zachy is just the most happy little guy, easy going, sleeps most of the night and nurses well. If anyone reading this thinking about having a third child. Go for it! The third is just an amazing, wonderful addition.

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