Saturday, November 22, 2008

Driving me CRAZY

This in one of the days when being "MOM" is hard. Griffin has been sick, but doing much better. Although, he is driving me crazy. It has been endless...he is always climbing on me, following me around, and nonstop whining. Sometimes I just can't handle it. And today is one of those days. I have tried to be patient with him but around 6:00pm I just lost it.
So far on this blog it has been me just gushing about being a mom. But today is one of those days I would change my "name" in a second. He whines "mooommmmmyyyy" and all the hair on the back on my neck stands up and every muscle tenses. He has sat with me all day, followed me room to room (yes even the bathroom) and has watched me bath his baby brother. All the while asking for juice, hugs, tissues, blankie, new socks, chicken nuggets (which he didn't eat), all the things he can get himself. I understand he needs more attention, more cuddles and hugs because he is sick but I have had enough. He has cried because is older brother breathes on him, touched him, laughs, and even because Ryan sat on the couch.

This is one of the examples of loving your kids while you don't really like them. But tomorrow may be different. He just might be my favorite tomorrow. We will see.

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