Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life with Jonny

This is my husband, Jonny. For the most part he is a wonderful husband. Overall he is a great guy. Sometimes we do not see eye to eye, but in what marriage does that happen. I must say I am not always the easiest to get a long with. I can be moody and snappy. I have battled with depression since after our first son was born. It is hard for people to understand depression unless you have it. Some days I feel like Jonny just does not want to be here. Maybe it is a man thing or maybe it is just the depression distorting my views. My depression is under control. I try not to use my illness as an excuse for my behavior or thoughts. Although it would explain a lot of my outburst. Anyway, Jonny is a great father to our boys. He plays with them, is involved in their schooling and really tries to be patient with them. It is very hard for him to be patient. He is very strict, likes order and peace. Unfortunately with 3 boys that rarely happens in our house. Jonny forgets what he was like as a young boy. I am sure he was not the angel he claims he was.
Most of the "big" decisions in our life swings in Jonny's favor. Like I said before, it is just easier that way. We usually talk about it but I usually just go with the flow. Now I don't want anyone to think I don't get my way, I just have to make him think it was his idea. Something I have learned in the 13+ years we have been together. He still is the love of my life. (What a sap!)

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