Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Christmas

It is two days after Christmas. The mess is amazing and the boys are still fighting. We did get our tree down the day after Christmas. My husband can sometimes be the Grinch. He does not like to keep the tree up or keep the house decorated. I am not sure why other than he is a lot like his mother. I believe she does the same thing.

The boys got a lot of "stuff". Mostly good stuff but some junk that we already tried to weed out. They have a hard time parting with anything, but some things just are not worth keeping. I love the fact that they got a lot of games and books. We love to play games together, and of course we love to sit down with a good book. Ryan (my oldest) loves to read chapter books. Griffin loves any book and Zachy (the baby) loves to chew his books.

Christmas is such a magically time of year. The kids love to hear about Santa and the elves. They get excited about getting gifts, but this year they have really enjoyed giving gifts. Ryan made us two beautiful pictures and wrapped them himself. Both older boys really liked wrapping the gifts and signing the cards. They really enjoyed finding gifts that they thought people would like. We really tired hard not to go overboard with the gifts, but of course we did. Well, now I am ready for bed. I can't believe I am still awake.

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  1. My house is decorated and the tree is still up!! :-)