Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hi My name is Dawn and I am addicted to...

Survivorman. That is right, I can't get enough of Les Stroud. He is THE Survivorman. The Discovery Science channel has this real reality show called Survivorman. Les is brought out to remote locations by his crew. The crew leaves Les with only what is in his pack, 50lbs worth of recording equipment, and nothing else. Seven days to survive on the land, finding his own food and shelter, and trying not to be killed by the animals. I love watching this show, I can't get enough of it. Sometimes I am grossed out by what Les is having to eat, and the bugs when he was in the jungle, but that doesn't stop my addiction. Just kidding I am not really addicted, I really just love watching this show. It is so real...I mean the network is not going to let him die out there, but he isn't setting himself up to be stung by a killer bee just to see what happens and have his crew save him (like another nature "reality" show). He is really trying to survive the seven days. On one occasion I have seen the crew come in and "rescue" him because of some life threatening storm in that area. But Les was bummed...he wanted to survive the seven days. When you can, check it out...I am sure you will like it.

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  1. I am also addicted. Survivorman is so primal. Water, shelter, fire, zones of assesment. I've never been addicted to any show, but I've watched each episode about 80 times! I don't sit and stare at the TV of course, I'm doing other things, and its on in the background. but its so... peaceful... I love the 1080p cameras too! I might be able able to tolerate Cody Lundeen, if he was alone, and not arguing with someone, but I have no use for the Bear Grylls type.