Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I have a question...

Why would a 6 year old waste time and energy sneaking dirty underwear around so he can keep wearing them?

This aren't the dirty undies, I just like this pic. Check out the shoes...HeeHe

I am starting to think I have the stinky kid in school. Sometimes it is so hard to get him to take a shower and then we have to make sure he uses soap and shampoo. We also have to make sure he puts clean clothes on after his shower. For so reason I just believed he was putting his dirty undies in the laundry basket with his clothes. But the last couple of nights I noticed the same dinosaur undies on the night stand (next day clothes get put on the night stand for morning). I know he has a couple of the same undies so I didn't think much of it other than to make sure I checked into it. Well tonight, I made sure to say "get clean undies and socks". The two older boys get their stuff ready for morning, while I fix the beds and other nightly things. As I am walking out of the room I notice the dinosaur undies again. I take a closer look and there is a poop stain! YUCK! Now I know they are dirty!! So I ask "how many days have you wore this undies?" or course I get the "Well, well, I, I". I call him on the dirty undies and point out the poop stain so I know they are dirty. I drop them in the dirty laundry basket and say "New undies every day!!" I shouldn't have to tell him to change his undies. And then I wonder why was he wasting time and energy sneaking the dirty undies around. Just change them!! Man little boys are gross.

On a better note... Zachy must be feeling better. He has been practicing his walking. Sniff sniff. But I think the oral steroid is making him jittery, and he really doesn't like that feeling. About an hour after his morning dose he was really crabby, and very unsettled. He just didn't know what he wanted. But as the day went by he seemed to settle down. Griffin is doing well. His cough has calmed down. But I forgot to give him his inhalers before bed. Nice mom, poor guy.

Tomorrow is my knitting night. I can't wait. Hopefully the boys won't be too sick for me to go. Zachy especially just wants mommy when he is sick. Anyway I need to go to bed. Who knows if we will be up all night.

Until tomorrow, God bless.

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  1. Maybe he doesn't want to make extra laundry for you? He's very thoughtful!

    Also, are you sure you want to keep that picture of Ryan up? When he's older and playing for the Red Sox that photo's going to end up on Perez Hilton or something and then he will be relentlessly teased by Lil Papi and Youk Jr.