Monday, February 2, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

This is a little fun we have on Monday's. Where we can be honest with ourselves and others without really admitting to it. Join us over at McMamma's and join in the fun.

I am not sure I have too much to confess. It was a pretty quiet week. I am also to tired to remember this past week. I think I will have to start writing down the Not Me's.

One thing is for sure, my baby Zachy did not take his first step on his own yesterday. I wouldn't be so say because that means he is growing. Not me, I wouldn't be sad. Near tears almost.

My perfect Griffin didn't "whisper" soooo loud in church during silent prayer, that I am sure the whole congregation heard him say "Mom, help me!" Not my perfect child, never!

I am not sitting here typing my Not me's instead of feeding Zachy his breakfast. Not me! That would mean I am not a perfect mom. Which I am.

It wasn't me that told my 6 year old Ryan, to "suck it up" when he wouldn't stop complaining that he didn't want to go to church. In my defense (not that I need it because I would never say that), I was sick of telling him over and over why he had to go. Again, that would make me an imperfect mother. Not Me!

Overall it was a pretty quiet week. I am sure I have not forgotten a lot, Not Me! I don't forget!

What did you do this week. I mean didn't do... Join us in the fun Not me monday's


  1. Children never whisper quietly...why is that? And, I have never told my children to "suck it up" either! ;-)
    Happy Monday!

  2. Babies do grow up too fast!! Great NMM and thanks for stopping by my blog, happy Monday :)

  3. great list! I am so scared of my daughter growing up! It is happening so fast!