Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Should be doing housework...

Here I sit with the laptop in my lap. I should be putting clothes away and starting a load of laundry. I could be vacuuming, doing dishes or just picking up. But I am so tired and have a horrible cold. Zachy was up a lot last night because he is still sick. He has a snotty nose and must just feel yucky. He has whined all morning and can't decide what he wants. First he wants me to hold him and then be put down, then eat and not eat. Finally I put him down for a nap. Which of course he didn't want, but feel asleep after fussing for a few minutes.

It is so hard seeing your baby and children sick. I can't image how it must feel to have you little one struggling to live in the NICU. I am saddened by a cold, and it is just a cold. I feel for all little preemie babies and caner sick children and their families. I really feel the need to get out there and do more. I support the Relay for Life and I have been the neighborhood fundraiser for the mothers march, but I need to do more. Maybe I will look into the Walk for babies. The March of Dimes will be holding a walk on April 26th (I think). Would anyone be interested in making a team with me? I think the walk is 7 miles, which I can do myself but would be nice if some people joined me. I will look into it. Just give me a heads up if you would like to join me in supporting them. Thanks. I will keep you posted.

Here is a picture of my friends twins. They were born 8 1/2 weeks early. This picture was taken after weeks in the NICU and they started to get better. They were very sick little babies, and we are very thankful they are with us. They are now 2 years old and doing very well!

It is hard to look at these pictures now. Ryan Joseph was so very sick, they didn't not think he would make it. He was diagnosed with NEC. After a bit of research on it we came to realize just how sick he was. Bethany would forget to breath quite often, many times turning blue and having to be resuscitated a couple of times. How scary for parents. I thank God for the health children we have. Thank you, Alicia and Dave for allowing me to be a part of their life's.

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