Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Sleep...again

Well last night was another with no sleep. Zachy is just miserable when I lay him down. We had the dr check his ears and they are fine. He has had a cold, but it is clearing up. Maybe he doesn't want to sleep because of the new walking thing. Although he will sleep if someone is holding him. He just doesn't want to lay down. I know it sounds like he is spoiled, but he was a baby that had to be in his crib to sleep just a week ago. Not sure what is going on, but man I am tired.

I missed the Ash Wednesday service at church yesterday. Dinner was only suppose to take 40 minutes to cook, but after one hour and 15 minutes I took it out and we ate it anyway. By then it was to late to go to church, and I was too tired. So you would think I went to bed early. Oh no, I stay up until 10:30. "Doing something very important?" you ask. Nope, just knitting. I couldn't put it down. It was quiet, no kids, no husband, no TV, just me and my needles and yarn (and of course my ever present dog, Cassie).

My only girl, Cassie, is always next to me. She rarely leaves my side, only to go out and play with the kids. She is the best dog. My husband likes to complain about her, but she is so well behaved and is so good with the kids and other puppies. Plus, she has the sweetest face.

Cassie playing with my sisters new puppy, Daia.

Cassie just hanging out next to me, and Zachy.

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