Monday, February 2, 2009

Poor Babies

As today progressed the day became a little hard to deal with.

Becca was here, her first day back in two weeks. She has been home with her mom ever since her Dad passed away unexpectedly. It was hard with her today, she just wanted to go home. I understand why she was difficult. Her whole world has been turned upside down. Poor little thing.

Then Zachy has come down with another cold. He is a little grumpy, snotty and drooling.

See the drool all over my ottoman:

The poor baby didn't sleep at all last night, and only took two 20 minute naps today. Normal he naps for 2 hours twice a day. So, as you can probably image he was a gem (Yeah right). It is still a little scary when he gets sick. He had (or still has) a floppy airway. I can't remember how to spell the medical term, but when he gets all congested he can't breath. I thought he had out grown it but the last time he was sick the Dr. could hear it. Although it is much better than when he was little.

Ryan then can home after school. He had a band aid on his thumb. From what he said he cut his finger on some ice on the playground. It was a pretty good cut. Then he went out to sled with Griffin, and he slipped on the ice, which ripped the skin off his pinkie finger. I am starting to think that Ryan and ice really don't mix. But he really wants to play hockey. ummmm.
To be perfectly honest, I am really surprised that something didn't happen to Griffin. He is usually my klutz.
Hopefully we all get so sleep tonight. Tomorrow is another day.

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