Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are you a SAHM?

A Stay at Home Mom that is. Yes, I am! I have been thinking about this working mom vs. stay at home mom debate since I decided to not work. Which I find very funny to say. I work harder being a stay at home mom then I did as a working mom. Even having a daycare in my home was less "work". The daycare kids cleaned up better than my own kids. They would entertain themselves longer than my own kids, and I had a better schedule for the daycare. Now I am on the run all day, playing endlessly and cleaning up toys just to be able to walk though the house. My kids need to have other social gatherings because they do not have daycare kids here so we are always looking for play dates and have started a play group. Not to mention when I have an appointment or the kids do, we have to bring everyone. A working out side the home mom has the ability to pick up the one child from daycare and go to the appointment with just the one or if it is her appointment she can go alone. I am not saying a working outside the home mom is easy, I know it isn't. I just don't like the attitude of the general public that stay at home moms life is easy, that we sit around eating bon bons. As a matter of fact I am typing this post as I am nursing my 14 month old, petting the dog with my foot and wiping the nose of my 2 year old cousin I care for. So much for eating bon bons.
I would like you all to check out Life Starring the kids and Me to read Victoria's post on being a SAHM. It is really a great read. While you are there check out some of her contests and giveaways. They are so fun!!
Now I must change my third poopy diaper already today. So, much for Bon Bons.

Here is what happens to my coffee. I can't even enjoy a cup on my own. LOL Really it was empty, but I have to sneak a cup before he sees it.

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  1. I totally agree that SAHMs work WAY harder than working moms. I am a working mom and people often ask how I juggle being a mom of 4 and working full time. My answer: I "work" so that I can have a break! LOL! Great post!