Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Head on over to MckMamm'a for a little every one's Not Me! post or post your own. It feels good to get it all out.

This would certain not be me...After trying to teach my two older boys to stop peeing outside all the time...I would never tell them to go behind the shed just so I didn't have to deal with taking shoes on and off.
I haven't been waiting for over a week to call Zachy's pediatrician, even though I suspect that he may have ear infections. If it was me I certain have good reason's 1) I really don't want him back on antibiotics 2) I really don't want to go in there to be told "No ear infections they look perfect" with the look that I am over reacting.
This weekend I certainly did not show up at Griffin's friend's birthday party a whole two hours early, thinking I was late. Finding out the party did not start until two hours later and being 40 minutes away from my house making leaving and coming back silly. That would never be me, I am always on time.
What did you not do this week?

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