Sunday, June 14, 2009

Only One...

There is something to be said for having only one child. The other night I had a little taste of being with only one. I certainly have been with one of my three children before but it is rare and when it does happen I am usually with the baby. But last night I had a wonderful one on one evening with my oldest, Ryan. I have to sadly admit poor Ryan does not get enough one on one time with me. If we get out without the baby we almost always have Griffin and we are usually running errands instead of having fun or quality time. Well, the other night, Ryan and I spent the evening at Tee ball. I was able to warm up with him, tossing the ball around and laughing. All without having to stop to chase Zachy or give a turn to Griffin. Then I was able to sit in my fold up chair and watch the WHOLE game. No running to the bathroom a dozen times, feeding a hungry little one or changing a diaper. My big guy is one hell of a Tee ball player. The boy can hit, throw, catch sometimes and even knows how to make a real play. After that we went to the grocery store. How quick and easy that trip was. Honestly, that was my second time to the grocery store that day, but who is counting. Ryan and I got home before Jonny and the other two, so I was washing up a few dishes and shelling some hard boiled eggs while Ryan sat at the table eating an Italian ice. We chatted some more. As I was shelling the eggs, I thought how nice it is just being me and Ryan. No one pulling on my pants crying to be picked up, the only one between my legs and the cabinets is the dog, no toddler climbing on me and no preschooler whining for his Italian ice. How calm, how quiet, how....boring! Yes, having only one gets to be little Boring! Don't get me wrong when Ryan was a baby and we only had him I never found it boring. Now after having three, it is just a little boring having one for too long. Having three is chaos most of the time, it is loud, it is crazy and my head spins a lot. Just has these thoughts were coming into my mind, in walks Jonny with Zachy and Griffin. Right away Zachy is at my legs, pulling my clothes trying to climb up to be held. Griffin sees Ryan's Italian Ice and starts "No fair he has icy!", as I tell him his is in the freezer. And Jonny starts with his story of their adventure. I smile inside, this is it...our crazy life, my crazy life. Far from boring and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    we may not be able to watch Zach, but Griffin could come over and play with Malcolm some time when you want to do an errand with Ryan. Especially during the summer because I'll be around to help more if necessary. Just a thought.