Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It is that time again. When we can own up to our shortcomings without really owning up. It feels good to get some things out. Also, I is a lot of fun to read everyone else's Not Me's! That is when I realize no one is perfect. Head on over to MckMamma's and join us in the fun.
It has hasn't been weeks since I wrote a Not Me! post. I would never be so busy that I couldn't sit down and admit not admit to all my mistakes. I am sure my husband could write a list a mile long about my short comings lately! I certainly would have heard my cell phone ring when he called to ask me to pick up Ryan. I would never get so involved in the Preschool Board meeting that I may not have heard it ring. If I did miss the ring, I would have certainly checked my phone frequently to see if he had called. So, it wasn't me that my hubby was mad at because he had to stop his work to pick Ryan up from school.
Our little blue ring pool pool didn't pop this week. Leaving us very hot and without water to play in. This would wouldn't make me whining for a new pool since I know we don't have the extra money to buy one.
My perfectly happy baby wasn't whiny and miserable all week. Leaving me to lose it several times. I am a perfectly happy, calm mommy. I can handle everything!
And to top it all off...I did not slip and fall down our hill while carrying our fire pit to the truck. If it was me, I did not hurt my ankle and knee by landing on my leg bent up behind me (because I was on a hill). Which did not lead my husband to say I am starting to act like his MOTHER.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your boo boo's. I hope Jonny kissed them and made them better. I also have been losing it all week. I really want to stop being the mom who yells all of the time.