Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fat Lip...

Yesterday I missed a very exciting Tee ball game. Well I guess I should not say the game was exciting but the warm up before the game.
Zachy and I went to the grocery store instead of going to the game. As we are finishing up the produce section my cell phone rings:

Me: "Hello"

Jonny: "Are you at the store yet?"

Me: "Yes, why? What do you need?"

Jonny: "Ummm...Well, Ryan got hit in the face with the hard ball."

Me calmly: "Oh are you going to the ER?" (we always end up in the ER with Ryan)

Jonny: "No...It is just a fat lip, I was hoping you could bring some ice."

Me: "Sorry, we have already starting filling the cart. Is he ok to play? But do not make him if he doesn't want to."

Jonny: "We will see if he wants to play. I won't make him."

Me: "Ok, see you at home Bye"

Jonny: "Bye"

So Zachy and I finish up, and I call Jonny to see if they still need ice. No he tells me, they are done and headed home. Ryan played the last inning and hit the ball really well and his lip looks better.
Well, when I got home this is what I find...I have to say the pictures don't show how bad it really looked...

Come to find out, Jonny was the one that threw the ball. They were warming up, which means it wasn't the softer Tee Ball ball, it was a real hard baseball. Poor kid! They tell me that the swelling has gone down that it looked much better. What?! He must not have been able to open his mouth. Anyway, on the inside of his lip it is dark purple and has a good cut from his tooth. A little ice and some Motrin and he was feeling much better.
I told him that is what happens when you try to catch a ball with your mouth. He didn't think I was funny.


  1. When do kids sign up for t-ball?

    Sorry about the fat lip. Kudos for being a even-keeled mom.

  2. I think Jonny was aiming for that loose tooth! You can tell Ryan that Derek thinks it looks pretty cool!