Friday, June 19, 2009

Mommy Confessions

As a mommy we do/think a lot of things we may not be proud of and usually won't admit it. That is what Mommy Confessions is for. Head on over to Life Starring the Kids and Me to confess or just read the other Mommy Confessions.

The Mommy Confessions

My confession this week...I am so thankful for having all boys. Don't get me wrong, I wanted a girl, really wanted the girl, and most of the time still do. But with the 2 girls I take care of...wooo...I am glad to have boys. The girls are so whiny (my boys whine but nothing compared to the girls), the endless drama, the attitude and all the mentally exhausting traits of the female sex. I really don't know if I could handle it full time.
Some of the things I have heard from the girls:
"You aren't my friend anymore!"
"I don't like you! You are mean!"
"Ewe! I got dirty!" "My shoes are wet!" (While wearing Crocs and standing in a puddle)
Oh the list could go on. The boys on the other hand...Just a good knock down fixes everything, dirt is cool and who cares that my shoes are wet, I am having fun in the puddle. I do love my boys!!


  1. LOL!

    I could post a similar post, except it would be I love having GIRLS. :) I'm afraid I wouldn't know what to do with a boy

  2. ROFL we have 3 of each. Boys are definently easier than girls!

  3. I have one little boy, and I completely understand what you mean with the drama of girls (from watching my niece). I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it!

  4. You are right. My 3 year old daughter is already starting this...I am in for a bumpy ride!

  5. I hear "I don't want you" a lot. But I am so use to girls that the idea of having a BOY scares the crap out of me!

  6. Dawn,

    Knowing you and Jonny and your boys, adding a girl full time? It would just be a little tom-boy anyway. I think Ryan and Grif would see to that.