Friday, June 26, 2009

Mommy Confessions

The Mommy Confessions

As mommies we all do things we are not proud of. Mommy Confessions is the place to get all that off our chest and see that we are not alone. Hop on over to Life Starring the Kids and Me to join in.

My confession this week...I make the two older boys be very quiet in the morning so they do not wake the baby. Now that isn't bad but the reason behind that...not because the baby needs to sleep until 9 or 9:30 am but because I am not ready to deal with him. I really want to have my coffee, check my emails and blog news, and get myself together before Zachy is up. Why can't I do that with him up you ask? (well not that you did, but I am going to tell you anyway) Zachy is at this stage/phase or just his attitude (I don't really know), but he does not like me doing anything but paying attention to him. If he sees a cup or food, the computer, cleaning product or anything for that matter in my hand he screams to be picked up. So, unless he is sleeping I can't do anything other than play or hold him. And I really need some morning time without Zachy screaming at me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fat Lip...

Yesterday I missed a very exciting Tee ball game. Well I guess I should not say the game was exciting but the warm up before the game.
Zachy and I went to the grocery store instead of going to the game. As we are finishing up the produce section my cell phone rings:

Me: "Hello"

Jonny: "Are you at the store yet?"

Me: "Yes, why? What do you need?"

Jonny: "Ummm...Well, Ryan got hit in the face with the hard ball."

Me calmly: "Oh are you going to the ER?" (we always end up in the ER with Ryan)

Jonny: "No...It is just a fat lip, I was hoping you could bring some ice."

Me: "Sorry, we have already starting filling the cart. Is he ok to play? But do not make him if he doesn't want to."

Jonny: "We will see if he wants to play. I won't make him."

Me: "Ok, see you at home Bye"

Jonny: "Bye"

So Zachy and I finish up, and I call Jonny to see if they still need ice. No he tells me, they are done and headed home. Ryan played the last inning and hit the ball really well and his lip looks better.
Well, when I got home this is what I find...I have to say the pictures don't show how bad it really looked...

Come to find out, Jonny was the one that threw the ball. They were warming up, which means it wasn't the softer Tee Ball ball, it was a real hard baseball. Poor kid! They tell me that the swelling has gone down that it looked much better. What?! He must not have been able to open his mouth. Anyway, on the inside of his lip it is dark purple and has a good cut from his tooth. A little ice and some Motrin and he was feeling much better.
I told him that is what happens when you try to catch a ball with your mouth. He didn't think I was funny.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Montshire with Kate and Derek

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Today was a fabulous fun day at the Museum. The Montshire Museum that is. The boys and I went with Kate and Derek to the Montshire yesterday. It is a hands on science museum with an outdoor area and wading pool. There were hiking trails that Ryan, Griff and Derek went on, Kate and I stayed with the baby (because we had the big stroller).
Ryan, Griff and Derek had a great time "playing" with all the air flow experiment things and looking at the fish, turtles and frogs. Actually we all had a great time!! Then we had lunch and headed home. Griffin, Zachy and Derek fell asleep on the way home, so it was a very quiet ride.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mommy Confessions

As a mommy we do/think a lot of things we may not be proud of and usually won't admit it. That is what Mommy Confessions is for. Head on over to Life Starring the Kids and Me to confess or just read the other Mommy Confessions.

The Mommy Confessions

My confession this week...I am so thankful for having all boys. Don't get me wrong, I wanted a girl, really wanted the girl, and most of the time still do. But with the 2 girls I take care of...wooo...I am glad to have boys. The girls are so whiny (my boys whine but nothing compared to the girls), the endless drama, the attitude and all the mentally exhausting traits of the female sex. I really don't know if I could handle it full time.
Some of the things I have heard from the girls:
"You aren't my friend anymore!"
"I don't like you! You are mean!"
"Ewe! I got dirty!" "My shoes are wet!" (While wearing Crocs and standing in a puddle)
Oh the list could go on. The boys on the other hand...Just a good knock down fixes everything, dirt is cool and who cares that my shoes are wet, I am having fun in the puddle. I do love my boys!!

Check this out!!!!

One of the blogs that I really love to read is Life Starring the kids and Me. Victoria has a lot of product reviews which I am finding very handy but beyond that she has some really great post to read and interesting thoughts. I love her blog meme Mommy Confessions which I will be posting later. Right now she is hosting a Giveaway Package in honor of her little one's first birthday. Hope on over to Life Starring the Kids and Me to enter. In the package she giving away a Frogger ride on toy and the Peek-a-Boo Bag from International Playthings. Hope on over and check it out.
Life Starring the Kids & Me

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My poor neighbor...

I have to say that living next door to us can not be easy! We live on a dead end street, the last house, and three very noisy and nosy little boys.
Today our neighbor K was out mowing his lawn. The same thing most people do once a week, but K has an audience. Well not just an audience but four little eyes (really 8 eyes, they wear glasses) staring him down. Ryan and Griffin spent some time today tormenting poor K. They would watch him mow and then when K would turn towards them they would duck down and giggle. Luckily K is a very good nature kid loving neighbor, unlike most of the others on our road. This is the view I had of the boys....

Yup those are my little monkey boys, clinging to the fence, standing on the fence rail. And poor K is on the other side trying to mow is lawn in peace.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Head on over to MckMamm'a for a little every one's Not Me! post or post your own. It feels good to get it all out.

This would certain not be me...After trying to teach my two older boys to stop peeing outside all the time...I would never tell them to go behind the shed just so I didn't have to deal with taking shoes on and off.
I haven't been waiting for over a week to call Zachy's pediatrician, even though I suspect that he may have ear infections. If it was me I certain have good reason's 1) I really don't want him back on antibiotics 2) I really don't want to go in there to be told "No ear infections they look perfect" with the look that I am over reacting.
This weekend I certainly did not show up at Griffin's friend's birthday party a whole two hours early, thinking I was late. Finding out the party did not start until two hours later and being 40 minutes away from my house making leaving and coming back silly. That would never be me, I am always on time.
What did you not do this week?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Only One...

There is something to be said for having only one child. The other night I had a little taste of being with only one. I certainly have been with one of my three children before but it is rare and when it does happen I am usually with the baby. But last night I had a wonderful one on one evening with my oldest, Ryan. I have to sadly admit poor Ryan does not get enough one on one time with me. If we get out without the baby we almost always have Griffin and we are usually running errands instead of having fun or quality time. Well, the other night, Ryan and I spent the evening at Tee ball. I was able to warm up with him, tossing the ball around and laughing. All without having to stop to chase Zachy or give a turn to Griffin. Then I was able to sit in my fold up chair and watch the WHOLE game. No running to the bathroom a dozen times, feeding a hungry little one or changing a diaper. My big guy is one hell of a Tee ball player. The boy can hit, throw, catch sometimes and even knows how to make a real play. After that we went to the grocery store. How quick and easy that trip was. Honestly, that was my second time to the grocery store that day, but who is counting. Ryan and I got home before Jonny and the other two, so I was washing up a few dishes and shelling some hard boiled eggs while Ryan sat at the table eating an Italian ice. We chatted some more. As I was shelling the eggs, I thought how nice it is just being me and Ryan. No one pulling on my pants crying to be picked up, the only one between my legs and the cabinets is the dog, no toddler climbing on me and no preschooler whining for his Italian ice. How calm, how quiet, how....boring! Yes, having only one gets to be little Boring! Don't get me wrong when Ryan was a baby and we only had him I never found it boring. Now after having three, it is just a little boring having one for too long. Having three is chaos most of the time, it is loud, it is crazy and my head spins a lot. Just has these thoughts were coming into my mind, in walks Jonny with Zachy and Griffin. Right away Zachy is at my legs, pulling my clothes trying to climb up to be held. Griffin sees Ryan's Italian Ice and starts "No fair he has icy!", as I tell him his is in the freezer. And Jonny starts with his story of their adventure. I smile inside, this is it...our crazy life, my crazy life. Far from boring and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mommy Confessions

The Mommy Confessions

The Mommy Confessions, where moms get whatever confession they have off their chest. Have a confession? Need to get something off of your chest? Well, go on over to Life Starring the Kids and Me!

My confession: I enjoyed being a mom of one for an hour a little too much! I brought Ryan to Tee ball myself the other day. After Tee Ball we went to the grocery store and home to have a few minutes of peaceful bliss before the rest of the troop came home (working on a post about that, to be posted soon). I really enjoyed being will just Ryan (my oldest) for a little more than an hour. Although towards the end of the hour I realized it was a little boring, but for the first hour I loved only have one! Shame on me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are you a SAHM?

A Stay at Home Mom that is. Yes, I am! I have been thinking about this working mom vs. stay at home mom debate since I decided to not work. Which I find very funny to say. I work harder being a stay at home mom then I did as a working mom. Even having a daycare in my home was less "work". The daycare kids cleaned up better than my own kids. They would entertain themselves longer than my own kids, and I had a better schedule for the daycare. Now I am on the run all day, playing endlessly and cleaning up toys just to be able to walk though the house. My kids need to have other social gatherings because they do not have daycare kids here so we are always looking for play dates and have started a play group. Not to mention when I have an appointment or the kids do, we have to bring everyone. A working out side the home mom has the ability to pick up the one child from daycare and go to the appointment with just the one or if it is her appointment she can go alone. I am not saying a working outside the home mom is easy, I know it isn't. I just don't like the attitude of the general public that stay at home moms life is easy, that we sit around eating bon bons. As a matter of fact I am typing this post as I am nursing my 14 month old, petting the dog with my foot and wiping the nose of my 2 year old cousin I care for. So much for eating bon bons.
I would like you all to check out Life Starring the kids and Me to read Victoria's post on being a SAHM. It is really a great read. While you are there check out some of her contests and giveaways. They are so fun!!
Now I must change my third poopy diaper already today. So, much for Bon Bons.

Here is what happens to my coffee. I can't even enjoy a cup on my own. LOL Really it was empty, but I have to sneak a cup before he sees it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One great giveaway

While over at MckMama's blog I can across a great giveaway at Tales from the GodseySix.

I love giveaways, they are always fun and I get to read new blogs and find new and interesting items. When you get a minute you really should hope on over to Tales from the GodseySix and check it out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Zachy the Monkey

Today has been a big day in little Zachy's life. He really started climbing up onto things. He has learned to carry his stool to where he wants to climb. Ugh...I guess I should be happy he as waited this long. Ryan was climbing everything well before he was a year old. Griffin is/was the cautious one. I think Zachy hasn't had the need to climb. He always gets someone to lift him or get things for him. The perks to being the baby youngest.

Not Me! Monday

It is that time again. When we can own up to our shortcomings without really owning up. It feels good to get some things out. Also, I is a lot of fun to read everyone else's Not Me's! That is when I realize no one is perfect. Head on over to MckMamma's and join us in the fun.
It has hasn't been weeks since I wrote a Not Me! post. I would never be so busy that I couldn't sit down and admit not admit to all my mistakes. I am sure my husband could write a list a mile long about my short comings lately! I certainly would have heard my cell phone ring when he called to ask me to pick up Ryan. I would never get so involved in the Preschool Board meeting that I may not have heard it ring. If I did miss the ring, I would have certainly checked my phone frequently to see if he had called. So, it wasn't me that my hubby was mad at because he had to stop his work to pick Ryan up from school.
Our little blue ring pool pool didn't pop this week. Leaving us very hot and without water to play in. This would wouldn't make me whining for a new pool since I know we don't have the extra money to buy one.
My perfectly happy baby wasn't whiny and miserable all week. Leaving me to lose it several times. I am a perfectly happy, calm mommy. I can handle everything!
And to top it all off...I did not slip and fall down our hill while carrying our fire pit to the truck. If it was me, I did not hurt my ankle and knee by landing on my leg bent up behind me (because I was on a hill). Which did not lead my husband to say I am starting to act like his MOTHER.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Check this out

I think you should check this out, if you would like more traffic to your blog. What a great idea Victoria had. Head over to Life Starring Ellie and Eve.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bad wife (again)

That's right, I have been a bad wife yet again. I did not hear my cell phone ring when Jonny was calling me to have me pick up Ryan. So, he is quite annoyed with me. He had some work to do and could not pick up Ryan, but of course, I was not the wife I should have been and did not hear the phone so he had to stop and go pick up Ryan. In my defense, I did call him back in plenty of time to get Ryan but he had already changed his schedule to do so.
What I don't understand is how a hubby can make his wife feel so inadequate. Yes, husbands make mistakes too, but for some reason when a wife doesn't do what is needed or expected it is this awful mess. Husbands don't seem to think twice about the mistakes they make, but every wife I have spoken to has said the same thing. They feel inadequate when they make their husbands upset or angry. Not sure what this is about. Maybe it is the female guilt thing.