Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ended up being a good day.

Yesterday ended up being a good day. We were off to a rough start but things did get better. The kids and I played outside for most of the afternoon. It was really a gorgeous day.

The Kids loved playing on the swings. It was a warm day, but not warm enough for bare feet. Ryan on the other hand couldn't wait to have socks and shoes off. The boy never feels cold.

Zachy loved the swing too. He almost fell asleep.

And then there is my STUD Muffin. Sometimes a working man is so sexy. Plus the carharts...what a nice ass butt.

How cute are the two of them. Daddy and his baby. A nice ending to a beautiful day.

****Remember to Pray for Stellan today. According to MckMamma's tweet this morning he is was in SVT all last night and this morning, but did get some sleep***

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