Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh Mondays!

This morning I had an apt with the Pediatrician with Zachy. We have all been sick, but Zachy has been sick with cold symptoms for 2 weeks without ever really improving. My hubby has been telling me to go to the Dr with him but I have been in so much in the last couple of months and having the Dr tell me that it is nothing but a cold, I kept putting it off. Well after yesterday with Zachy crying and screaming when he was laid down, I finally called. They could not get us in until this morning, which was fine, what was one more night without sleep. Come to find out, yes it is just a cold but a cold with an ear infection. Boy, I felt like such a bad mom for not bringing him in sooner. So, he is on antibiotics (which I hate having my boys take), and will probably end up with a yeast diaper rash.

Then I opened my blogger dashboard and saw that MckMamma is at the hospital with her little Stellan. My heart just about stopped. Their story is nothing short of miraculous. I could not believe my eyes when reading about Stellan and his heart. If you have a minute please say a prayer for little Stellan and stop by MckMamma's blog to read their story.

Me and my sick baby Zachy. This is the only way he will sleep.

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  1. POOR GUY... those ear infections are horrible but what's worse is when they can't even tell us about them. Here's to a speedy recovery and no diaper rash!