Monday, March 16, 2009

Its been too long

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I am just so tired. Too tired in fact to think about a "Not Me!" Monday post. Something is up with Zachy. My normally good sleeper is waking every 2 hours for that last 4 nights. I am not happy about this...must be he is reminding me what it is like to have a newborn, since I have been whining about having another baby. I just don't know what is wrong with him. I thought he could be his teeth, then maybe that he was hungry so we fed him more before bed. Nothing seems to help. I am getting so tired!

On another note...Jacob is home and doing well. Jodi is having a hard time nursing him. She is not getting much milk. Jacob won't nurse without the breast shield on and when she pumps she is not getting much. Does anyone have any suggestions for her? I have breastfeed my 3 boys but they were full term and able to nurse from the minute they were born. Jacob was just too little and needed something right away, so he had a feeding tube and now is on the bottle. If Jodi's mild supply was good he won't need the bottle, but I have given her all the tips I have and even looked up info on the Internet for her. If anyone that had preemies have any suggestions please leave a comment. Thank you.

The weather here has been nice. It has been pretty warm (42 degrees) so that most of the snow is gone leaving mud everywhere. That is March in Vermont...Mud season. The boys are loving it. They have been riding bikes though the mud which sprays up their backs. They think it is too funny. So we have been going though 3 to 4 outfits per boy a day. And people wonder why I buy so many clothes and do so much laundry. We went for a couple of good walks this weekend. The dog had a blast but she has been terrible on the leash. I had to use her gentle leader (head harness) to keep her from pulling my arm out of joint. It is rather funny to see her in this. She looks like a bucking bronco. I will have to video tape it for you.
Well Zachy needs a nap. I will try to write later.

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