Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pet Peeve and other things

As I was cleaning baby Zachy's hands after he had his breakfast, I had flash backs to this little boy I used to have in daycare. His hands always had the crud between his fingers and dirty nails. Its not the his mother didn't bath him, I know she did - he never smelled bad, but for some reason this little boys hands were always gross. I know my boys are not the pristine little creatures, they have grubby hands and faces, but I always try to keep nails short and fingers gunk free. The germs and grossness that are under nails is just appalling. After playing out side in sand, mud, and all the yuk boys can find, just washing hand will not get the gunk out from under the nails. I realize the mud and dirt aren't terrible, its the yuk for other people that is gross. From touching the oftern touched things (doorknobs, handrails You need to use a nail brush. I can't bath the boys every day, or the sensitive skin they have will flake and itch. But I can wash and scrub their hands often. I try to let it slide for a little while but then the germaphobe in me takes over so I grab my nail brush and scrub away. But enough with my ranting.

Today I have a Baby shower, for my sister-in-law Jodi. She is 34 weeks along and I can't wait for this little one to come. There is something about not being the pregnant one. I am usually the one with the big belly and swollen legs, achy body and all with everyone wanting to touch my belly. This time it is not me, which makes me sad sometimes but loving this for Jodi and enjoying feeling her belly move, seeing her big belly, hearing about her aching body and swollen legs. She is the cutest pregnant woman I have every seen. Anyway today is her shower. I have to admit I did go a little over board with things for the baby. Not big things, I didn't spend too much money. Hee hee. I can't wait to see everything and everyone at the shower. It should be a very nice day. If I remember my camera I will share so pics later.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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