Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring in Vermont

It is spring! But here in Vermont sometimes it isn't much different than winter. The days are longer but not necessarily warmer. When it is warmer there is nothing but mud. So we do have a 5th season here...Mud Season. Last week we saw a glimpse of mud season. The temperature was up into the 50's and we were out without jackets, raking the brown dried crap lawn. The next day the snow was flying and everything was covered in white. Underneath that white is still the mud, but the last couple of days have been so cold it is a little frozen. With a little sun and warmth the mud will be back, but in the mean time...

I sent the kids out in their winter jackets and mud boots to play in the sand table. Forgetting to put their gloves on so they came in after a few minutes. But it was a few minutes I was able to make lunch without three little ones under my feet.

****Please continue to Pray for baby Stellan. Things are not looking any better.***

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