Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long Day....

It has been a long day. I started the day sleeping past my alarm and waking up with my hubby pushing me out of bed. Then as the day went on I gained a headache and just general blah feelings. I don't know whats up but it hasn't gotten much better. My hubby has worked all day, he came home for a few minutes to shower and then went to visit Jodi and Jacob at the hospital. I would have loved to see them today, maybe that would have helped my mood. Right now I am smelling a poopie diaper. Hold on, I better go see...or smell...whatever.

No poop. Not sure what the smell was. The dog is outside and the big boys are upstairs. Oh well.

I am trying to explain why it is light out at 7:00pm (bedtime). The boys are arguing that it is not bed time because it is still light out. I think I have had this discussion every year for the last 3 years. Maybe not that long, because Ryan never had a great bedtime when he was younger. But it is exhausting trying to explain this to two little boys that are just trying to stay up late. Round and round we go. I really get impatient with discussions like that.

On to something a little more interesting. Jacob is holding his temperature better today and he has been taking a bottle nicely. He is taking a bottle because Jodi's milk has not come in, and he is not opening his mouth very wide. Jodi has been pumping, lets pray her milk comes in tonight so that Jacob can have the good stuff.

Here are a few pictures of Griffin eating Guacamole. He loves it, not on chips or anything but just plain off the spoon. Griffin really has fun in the kitchen with me. Maybe he will be a chef when he grows up. He is just a funny little guy. All of a sudden he is shy and not liking his picture being taken. I had to trick him to get these.

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