Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy week

This as been one very busy week. We have been running none stop since Monday. The boys had a hard time settling down for bed last night. Ryan had Tee Ball, which doesn't get over until after 7pm. My boys are usually in bed at 7pm. This week bed time has been pushed back to 8ish if we were lucky. With Tee ball twice this week, Robbies birthday, and Village Snack bar on Monday with Aunt GG they did not get to bed on time once this week.
Me...I had meeting after meeting this week. Plus, the preschool picnic and the last day of preschool which the kids sang songs for the parents. I can't imagine if I had a full time job, I wouldn't be available for all this. I am extremely grateful that I can be part of my children's schools, church groups, and volunteer when needed. Volunteering is something I love to do. It is very rewarding. I really don't know how to explain how much I enjoy offering my time and services without getting "paid" to do it.
Ok...maybe that doesn't sound right. Never mind, let me just say that if I had a "job" instead of volunteering, it wouldn't be as much fun.

The weather here in the Green Mountains has been HOT. It was 83 today and yesterday. The kids have been playing in the little pool I picked up the other day. Luckily I did because I am sure they have sold out the last couple of days. Zachy loved splashing around in the water until he fell over and his face went under water. Then he was done. Griffin tried wearing his goggles, which don't fit on his face, but he still loved trying to use them.


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