Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A little this and that

My super cute baby!

Our day started out great. Griffy, Zachy, Becca, and I went to the park. We met our friends and their children there. It was so nice to be out on such a beautiful day and spending time with wonderful friends. I have started getting to know the mom of Griffy's preschool friend O. I really like her, we have a lot in common. O is the cutest little guy and he is extremely funny. Both Ryan and Griffin love him. Not only does he go to school with Griffy they also attend our church. His mom, Shar, is on a lot of the same boards/committees that I am on. I find her very easy to talk to and very easy to be around. You know how some people just make you uncomfortable by their presence alone. Shar is so not like that. Right away we hit it off, and because of Church (and school) we have really hit it off. I really feel blessed to have new people in my life.


Why do four year olds think they can demand help? But not really even say they need help and then get mad because you didn't help them? Which you didn't even know they needed help, because they never really asked?

My four year old, Griffin, is really pushing my buttons. Has you may have read here, I am not a big fan of the four year mark. Griffin today just proved how much I don't like it. After we had a great day, we went to pick up dinner (I know I should have made something) and pick up our dog from my sisters house. We all have our shoes on, I pick up Zachy and put his shoes on as Griffin lays on the floor in front of me. He kind of whines, but I can't make out any real words, so I say to him "get your shoes on we are leaving". Again, some whines and thrashing on the floor but no real words. I have no idea what is up so I calmly say "do you need something?" And then I notice he can't get one shoe on because the heel part of the shoe is bent way down into the shoe. Again, no words just whining and thrashing on the floor. So, trying to stay calm, but realize I am nearing the point where I can't stay calm I say to him "I would love to help you but I need to hear you ask for help nicely with some manners". To which he says "Mooooommmmm!!!" So I tell him "Pick up your shoe and get in the car because I am leaving, with or without you". He is not happy that I wouldn't just put his shoe on for him, but I stand firm and tell him to ask me politely and I would help. But of course he couldn't or wouldn't so he storms down to the car with his shoe in his hand, crying that I am mean. Whatever! Boy I can't wait until he grows out of the fearsome fours. In the car his brother Ryan helps him put his shoe on. So lesson not learned...he did not need to ask anyone politely for help, because Ryan just did it for him. Oh well...


I swear I have pneumonia (my husband thinks I am crazy). I have been coughing for a few days and my chest is killing me. Even when I breath my chest hurts. The coughing won't let up and I am so tired. You would think I would go to bed rather than blog. But oh no, I am not smart enough for that. I should probably call the Dr tomorrow. We will see. I probably have the swine flu (just kidding).

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