Sunday, May 3, 2009


This is the first year we decided to have a vegetable garden. I spent some time digging up the grass and starting the plants from seeds in the house. The boys have loved digging in the soil, and Jonny used his new rototiller attachment on the weed whacker. Now we are just waiting for the weather to warm up so we can plant them in the ground.
Here is a picture of my little garden masters:

I love the Bruins shirts, shorts and work boots. Not to mention Ryan has his leprechaun socks on. This kid cracks me up.

We have been having a good time. Things have worked themselves out regarding my PMS, Griffin's attitude and Zachy not sleeping. We still have issues but they seem to be more manageable. Today we had some unpleasant excitement...I was in the kitchen making sweet potato fries in the oven. The last couple of minutes I put them under the broiler. While I was getting some paper towels, having my back towards the oven (the oven door was open because of the broiler) I hear this awful sound. As I turn around I see blue sparks, fire, and smoke coming out of the oven. Of course I scream like a little girl, slam the door shut and turn the power off in one swift motion. At the same time Jonny comes running holding Zachy who started screaming because of me screaming and Jonny's reaction. Ryan and Griffin start crying because of my screaming and the smoke alarm goes off. Luckily Cassie (our dog) was outside. She would have started whining or howling and we really didn't need more noise and commotion. Anyway...after checking (hoping) to see if it was safe to open the oven we find out the broiling element blew up. How scary was that?!! My heart was beating out of my chest for a while after and the sweet potato fires had to be throw out. But we were all safe. To top that off...after the boys are in bed and sound asleep one of our smoke detectors battery was low so it kept beeping. We couldn't find the one that needed the new battery (because we have 7). The one that needed the new battery was one we forgot we even had. What a day. I am ready for some sleep now.


  1. Wow!

    1) First of all, glad everyone is safe!
    2) Mmm, sweet potato fries, so good!
    3) I had no idea that for some ovens you are supposed to keep the oven door open when broiling.
    4) Related to point 3), you're supposed to keep the door open, but then there's the possibility of the broiler element exploding?! This seems badly engineered.
    5) Seven smoke detectors! I know what to get you guys for Christmas.

  2. Hi Dawn. Miss you. Feeling your PMS....I'm raging right now too.

    Is your oven old? Mine says to keep the door closed while broiling....which was news to me.