Thursday, May 7, 2009

Long Busy week

We have had a long very busy week. On Sunday night I received a call from Griffins preschool teacher Mrs. H. The parent helper for this week cancelled and they needed a sub for Monday morning. Of course I said I could help all week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), forgetting we had the teacher appreciation lunch and I was already volunteering at Ryan's school Tuesday morning and I had the Women's Group meeting on Friday. But that is alright, I can do it all (except the Women's Group). Then to make everything even harder, Zachy got an awful diaper rash Sunday night. With his super sensitive skin that means back to homemade wipes (which I just stopped making last month) and wash clothes instead of the very convenient store bought wipes. I would use cloth diapers on him which would help keep his rashes down, but Jonny won't have any of that.
So, Monday morning Griffin and I had to stop at the Grocery store on our way to school to pick up snack and then we went off to our morning at Preschool. Of course I had a blast, I just love working with the kids. Then Tuesday morning we got up and brought Griffin to his friends Austin's house, pick up Courtney (my niece who watches the kids for me) and I went off to Ryan's school to help with Kindergarten screening. That doesn't seem to bad, other than I am not home as much as the kids are used to. Which makes for a very clingy Zachy.
That brings up to Wednesday which was the busiest day. Again, I was the parent helper for Preschool. Followed by the teachers lunch, which I had made a veggie casserole the night before and just had to be heated. I was in charged of the kids on the playground while the parents and teachers had a nice lunch in the church parlor. Courtney, Rev Tracy, and another mother helped with the playground duty and we all rotated eating lunch with the adults. We did not finish that until after 1:30. We made it home in one piece and washed up then everyone (kids) were put down for a nap. Griffin does not take naps anymore, but this was him on Wednesday:

Griffin was sitting with me and the next thing I know he is snoring in my ear. I guess a morning of school and 2 hours on the playground tired him out. But that was not the end of the day for me. I had a preschool board meeting that night at 7:00pm. Thankfully my hubby decided it would be ok to have take out that night so at least I didn't have to cook. Not that I could, our oven is broke. But that is another post.
Thursday we did not do much. It was our only day that was not straight out. We took a ride with out friend Stacey and her daughter Brianna to a yarn shoppe in Poultney (which is about 25 minutes away). Then just the day as usual. Jonny came home and offered to take us out to dinner. Which we haven't been out to a restaurant in a while. But the boys were very good. Then I was suppose to go to knitting, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I decided to go to bed at 8:30.
Today is finally Friday. Everyone had a hard time sleeping last night. Ryan was up crying because I think he is coming down with a cold. And Zachy was up every three hours. I am not sure why, I think he was just missing me. So, very reluctantly I got out of bed showered, ran to pick up Courtney, went to the grocery store to get snack for the preschool class and back to the house to get Griffin. Off we went to preschool. Of course I had a great time as the parent helper, this is a really great group of kids. After school Griffin and I went out on the playground with his friend Owen from some special play time. Not I am sitting here with my eyes barely open enough to type. I think I will take a little snooze.
Maybe the weekend will be nice and quiet!

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