Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Not Me! Monday"

We all have missed MckMamma's Not Me! Mondays post, so when I saw that she was working on one I had to start mine. Join in our fun at My Charming Kids, and share your own Not Me's!

1. It was Not Me that missed these posts for the long time poor baby Stellan was in the hospital.

2. It was Not Me that has had the worse PMS in years, so that nobody could stand being with me. And if it was me, I would not be so PMS that I can't stand to be around anyone anyways.

3. It was Not Me that screamed like a little girl when our broiler element in the oven blew up. I don't react in any other way than calm clear headedness (if that is even a word).

4. It is Not Me that has become a huge Bruin hockey fan. I normally don't like watching sports. But those Bruin are something else. A few of them are just too cute.

5. That was so NOT ME that just called the hockey players cute.

6. It was Not Me that missed 2 weeks of church because the kids were sick. My kids never get sick and would never miss church because of it. But if it was me that missed it, I was so happy to be able to go today.

7. It was Not Me that missed Church last week because the sick kids kept me up all night. Sleep is just not that important to me.

8. It was Not Me that stalked McMamma's blog and tweeter to stay current on Stellan's situation. Ok that was me, but it was also most of you. We are such wolverines!

We did miss you McMamma! So glad you and Stellan are back home!

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