Monday, May 25, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

There we are on Memorial Day, blogging about what we did not do this week. I am sure I have a ton of things to not admit to. Lets see if I can remember. If you want to join in the fun head on over to MckMamma's blog. Or you can just read everyone else's "Not Me's"!

This week was way to busy for us. It was not me that over booked myself and the kids. I strive to keep the children's lives from being a rush around kind of life. They need time to just be, and I would always think of that before volunteering to do everything.

If I had overbooked the family, I would never try to go to a planning meeting with the kids in tow, and expect Zachy to behave like a little angel. And then I wouldn't get mad that he kept running all over the church, because I thought he would sit and play nicely. Not me, I would have been responsible enough to find a sitter or not offer to go to the meeting. And if I did to this, Zachy would have been a wonderfully behaved little boy, because my kids are perfect.

In one of the many things I offered to do this week, I didn't almost cut my pinkie finger off with my very sharp chefs knife. I know how to handle knives and I would not be rushing to cut a watermelon up so that we could get to the next thing I had offered to attend. Not me! I would never be so careless with a knife.

I didn't drag my feet getting ready yesterday just so I wouldn't have to sit at my in-laws when it was raining outside. I wouldn't behave that way, its not that bad having the kids stuck in side at their house. If that was me, I have every reason to want to wait until it cleared up so we could be outside while there.

What did you not do this week?

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