Sunday, May 31, 2009

Father's Day Fling

Check out the Father's Day giveaway at Life Starring Ellie and Eve.

I have found a lot if interesting things on this site. It is a lot of fun.

Talk about an awesome Dad...My husband Jonny is coming around. I have posted about our marriage slipping away (click here) and I gave a little energy into praying and using some advice from MckMamma and I have to say it really worked. Hard? Yes Very. But I am trying everyday to love my husband even if he seems to not love me and be nice to him even when is not nice to me, and in general put him first. Well we have been doing great (from my point of view). I haven't been able to keep my hands off him. Then he did something I have been wanting for a long time. He built us a new picnic table. It is awesome!!! I am so happy with it and truly proud of my sexy, manly, talented, hardworking husband.

This is a picture before it was completely finished and taken with my cell phone. I will have to upload a better picture now that it is done and use my camera for a better quality picture. While he was building it I would help where I could. And I have to tell you that the smell of Jonny and the wood (strange, I know) just made me want him so much more. I really had a hard time helping him when all I wanted was to .....
Ahem I have to keep this PG-13. My in-laws may read this. Anyway, he smelled really good. So I must say the last couple of days we have been...lets say connecting. Well I must get ready for bed, I have a very early day tomorrow and I want to connect with my hubby now.

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