Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fearsome Fours

Anyone have a four year old out there? I can't tell you how hard a four year old can be. I rather have 10 two year olds. Griffin is in the prime of 4. He talks back constantly, has a really snotty attitude, and cries/whines at a drop of a hat. He is endlessly pushing my buttons and testing his limits. I am at the end of my hope with him. Yesterday, he pushed me over the edge. I didn't spank him or yell and time outs stopped working, so I soaped him. Yes I put soap in his mouth. And before anyone gets mad and thinks that it is cruel and unusually punishment. I have to tell you it was all natural, organic soap. So yes it taste bad, but no it did not hurt him. He hasn't talked back or spoke rudely to me today. It must have worked some. Now I don't think this is something I would do on a regular basis, but in a pinch when nothing else works then I think it is fine to use. Yes, I do use some positive discipline and I really try to make natural consequences teach the lesson, but when it comes to talking back, being down right rude, and plain disrespecting people there has to be a punishment. Kids are entitled to speak their opinions and feelings but no one has a right to be rude to another person. That is something I try to practice in my own life and want my kids to realize and practice in theirs.
Tell me, how can a kid this cute be so annoying?I still love you my little man!

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  1. I hear ya sister!!! Nathan is becoming a totally different child lately. Very trying times.