Friday, April 3, 2009

Ryan's Concert

Last night was the Spring Concert at Northeast Elementary. Ryan's kindergarten class, a couple other kindergarten classes and first graders gave a wonderful performance. These was Ryan's first time getting up on stage in front of a group of people to sing. I was a little worried, he can be very shy and sensitive. Last night he was neither. I am not sure if he sang or just moved his lips but he said he was singing. The songs they sang where:
The Garden Song
Baby Beluga
Somebody has to (Poem by Shel Silverstein
Take me out to the ball game
Of course my other two boys sat quietly and listened to the concert. Being the perfect children they are I wouldn't expect anything less (Ha Ha Ha).

There are a couple of pictures and videos. Sorry they are dark and the video is jumping around, Jonny was singing and swaying with Griffin on his lap.

The little boy standing in front of Ryan is his best friend. This little boy has Autism and Ryan helps him all the time and tells everyone he is his best friend.

***Please Pray for Stellan. He is getting better but can still use our prayers!!***

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