Monday, April 6, 2009

Zachy's 1st Birthday!!

I can't believe my Angel Baby is now ONE! He is more a little monster than an angel baby now. He is endlessly into everything. It is funny to see how birth order shows up in the personality of the children. At the age of one, Ryan would only be told once or twice not to touch or do something and he wouldn't do it again. Griffin would get into to things but was easily distracted. But Zachy, he is into everything he isn't suppose to be and laugh as he is hearing you say no or try to distract him. Oh well, he keeps me on my toes.
Every 1st birthday of my boys I have cried. I really expected myself to be a sobbing mess with Zachy, but I was just a little weepy. He is such a character, which makes it hard to be sad even if he is growing up. We only have a couple of pictures of Zachy's birthday. Being the 3rd born, things like this happen. Ryan's 1st birthday (along with everything else) has a ton of pictures. Griffin had less pictures and Zachy has very little. But here is what we have. Oh, I forget to mention, the morning of his birthday, he fell into the banister in our upstairs hallway. He has a cut and a couple of good bruises. There are more pictures of that than of his birthday party.

I can't believe all my little guys are growing up so fast. Ryan having his first school concert, Griffin having play dates at a friends house all day, and Zachy turning 1. I am so sad that I don't have a little baby anymore. I would love to have another baby, but my husband won't allow it (not to mention he has had a vasectomy). Adoption would be great, if our house wasn't so small and my husband agreed. Although, the cost of adoption might just be a little more than we could afford (more like a lot more). Maybe some day we could adopt a little girl.

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