Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday strikes again

Oh it is Monday and what is worse than Monday...A Monday after a week off. It is hard on the kids to go back to school, but hard just getting up and going after not having to for a week. It is hard on Jonny and I to listen to Ryan saying he is sick, just because he doesn't want to go to school. Hard on me because I have been able to sleep in (8 am) most of the week, and now back to early mornings. Hard on Becca because she has been home with Mommy all week and now she is here with me (this is also hard on me). We are also just exhausted from having a week of "fun". But here we are back to a "normal" week, "normal" Monday and we all need a nap at 10:30 am. To top it all off...we all have a cold again. When is the sickness going to break?! I have had it with me having a cold and taking care of the kids with a cold. It is a never ending viscous cycle of colds. Ugh.
On a happier note...I got my garden started yesterday. Yes, I know I don't garden...But I thought it would be fun and healthier to have a garden this year. The boys will love growing our own food, and I think it will give us some learning opportunities. Yesterday, Ryan, Griffin and I spent the afternoon digging out the spot for the garden and started some seeds inside. The boys grew bored of digging (go figure). I think they just like to dig randomly so digging in a neat fashion was boring. So, I ended up doing all the digging myself and yup I am sore today. My legs and my back (which has been bothering me anyway). What a great day playing in the dirt. I felt really good getting down and dirty.

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  1. "I felt really good getting down and dirty."
    -Isn't this blog supposed to G or PG?

    Hope you guys feel better!